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Pálinka is a typical alcoholic spirit in Hungary and some of the neighboring countries that is a quite strong fruit brandy. It has a strong culture in Hungary, so it is no wonder that pálinka distillation is a matter of competition here: the Pálinka Festival in Gyula was held for the 18th time this year.

According to hvg.hu, Szicsek Pálinka Distillery won the prize for best commercial distillery during the 18th Pálinka Festival of Gyula on Saturday, the hosts told MTI. Szicsek Distillery’s red Williams pear pálinka won the best commercial pálinka award out of the 158 samples. (The most interesting fact is that Nébih’s pálinka testing in the middle of April also named a Szicsek pálinka as one of the most popular products).

The Pálinka of Békés County award went to the red Williams pear pálinka of Kisrét Manufacture Ltd. that also produces Árpád Pálinka group. The municipality of Békés County will purchase this distillate for protocol purpose for a year.

Rent distillaries and private distillaries were also awarded Saturday afternoon. The award of the best sample went to Gyenesei Pálinkárium’s rowan pálinka, and it also received the prize of the best private distillate. The multiple award-winning Pálinkárium that is owned by former mayor of Kaposvár Gyenesei István received the most successful private distillary award as well.

The best rent distillate award went to Farhan Winery’s raspberry pálinka, and they received the most successful rent distillers’ prize as well. The most successful rent distillary was Rak-Tár-Tár Lp. from Komoró – just like last year.

Ten distillates won Champion prize, 86 won gold medal, 127 won silver medal, and 165 won bronze medal, the hosts said. 557 samples participated in the competition of rent distillers and private distillers, some of which came from Serbia, Slovakia and Romania.

The jury consisting of 24 members valued purity, character, taste and aftertaste, and harmony.

Photo: agroinform.com, facebook.com/palinkafesztivalgyula/

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