Salgótarján, 2018. január 21. Szánkózók hóesésben Salgótarján közelében 2018. január 21-én. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

Hungary has seen quite a bit of snow in the past couple days, which means that the lovers of winter sports can enjoy their hobbies again. If you happen to be residing in the capital city and would love to go sledging, but the two most popular spots in Budapest (Dobogókő and Normafa) are crowded, then this article by the Pilisi Parkerdő, suggesting a couple of more options, is just for you.

If you’re quick enough, you might still catch a bit of snow in the mountainous area surrounding Budapest, as in some places 20 centimetres of snow is reported. This is the time when most families dig out their sledges from out of the closet, and luckily even if Normafa and Dobogókő are over-crowded, there are lots of other hillsides near Budapest.

The neighbouring area of the Hármashatárhegy airport is an excellent place to head to in the Buda Hills, or even the slopes next to the Guckler Károly outlook, which is on top of Hármashatárhegy. A web camera is placed at the Guckler Károly outlook which will be helpful before setting out, as you can check the current weather conditions and how many people are enjoying themselves there.

The gentle slopes next to the summer bob track and the Zsitvay outlook near Visegrád are also less frequented, so there is nothing to prevent you from having fun while sledding.

Lovers of ski can rejoice now, as there is a ski slope at Visegrád, the Nagyvillám Ski Resort, which awaits you each day until 9 PM with lightened ski slopes. But if you want to opt for something else than skiing, then you won’t get bored either while your brother is having fun, as there is room enough for sledging next to the ski tracks. There is a web camera installed here too to help you.

snow sledding

Ski-running is gaining popularity here, and there are several opportunities at the Pilis Park Forest thanks to the current weather conditions. You can take out your cross-country skis anywhere where the snow reaches a thickness of 10-20 centimetres.

There are ski-running possibilities at the Nagyrét near Hűvösvölgy and near the Hármashatárhegy airport. Both places are relatively flat, making them ideal terrain for ski-running, where the keen sports lovers create a track that can be used by anyone on snowy days.

Safety first

Unfortunately, the snow at the Pilis and the Buda Hills was quite watery, which weighs down the trees heavily. Because of this, you might bump into a couple of fallen trunks at the forest paths, and the young trees are bent, which makes access more difficult in the higher regions. The thick snow makes it especially hard to cross valleys like the Rám-szakadék.If you’re setting out by foot, you will have to devote more time to get to your destination and will have to be much more careful as well.

It is more important than usual to be well-prepared before setting out: make sure that you have reserve food on you and warm drinks, also wear long and water-proof boots.

You can learn more about the current weather conditions at where you can get access to the web cameras in the region.

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