If you would like to experiment a bit with different nations’ kitchen, then this compilation might come in handy. Visiting or living in Budapest does not mean that you have to stick with Hungarian cuisine (although it is delicious), so Funzine has collected 12 of the best restaurants where you can taste international meals. Join us for the second round of six.

India: Curry House

Here: Horánszky u. 1, 1085

Zulkarnain Saer Khan opened Curry House under Horánszky street 1. in 2013. The interior design of the restaurant is a glorious harmony of black, red, bronze and gold colours, where the food matches the visual wonder. You can try a great variety of appetizers, specialities, tandoori kebabs, curries, naan puris, rice, desserts and drinks. The naan bread is prepared in traditional ways in a Tandoor (an Indian clay or metal oven) which was ordered from London especially for this purpose, without a single exception. Lay back enjoying the unique atmosphere of the restaurant, while trying out exciting new flavours and dishes in this charming restaurant.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/curryhousebudapest

Japan: Ennmann Japanese Restaurant

Here: Bem rkp. 20, 1011

If you’re a lover of Japanese cuisine or have never tried it before, but would like to, you don’t have to look further for the perfect Japanese restaurant. The Ennmann Japanese Restaurant brings the best Japanese dishes to Budapest straight from Japan. The restaurant’s chef has been preparing the appetizing and authentic Japanese dishes for at least 10 years now, so

you can be sure that the finest sushi in town is served there.

Plus, the view of the Danube and the Parliament is magnificent.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/ennmannsushibudapest/

Greece: Mazi

Here: Alkotmány u. 19, 1054

You will find Mazi at Alkotmány street (it’s actually leading to the Parliament, so you can stop by while sightseeing) among a myriad of beautiful buildings. Mazi is special for offering a wide range of Greek food while spicing them up with some exciting and creative innovations. The chef, Roussos Dimitris, and his team are hell-bent on proving people wrong in their conception of the Greek cuisine being only the gyros and the feta-stuffed pepper. For this, they will prepare you the yummiest Greek dishes and classic desserts. We recommend you try the ‘Paidakia’ grilled, milky lamb, served with tzatziki, pita and fries, or the ‘Saganaki’ prepared from oysters, served with ouzo, tomato sauce and feta cheese.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/mazigreekkitchen/

Spain: Pata Negra

Here: Frankel Leó út 55, 1023; Kálvin tér 8, 1091 and Paulay Ede utca 39, 1061

Hungary’s first tapas bar was opened in 2004 simply because the owners wanted to express their interest and respect for Spanish culture and cuisine.

This particular bar is reminiscent of the authentic Mediterranean mood,

no matter if we’re talking about the traditional dishes, the colourful tiles or napkins. After the success of their first restaurant at Kálvin square, they have expanded with two further establishments. All three of their bars serve tapas meals, luscious meat dishes, Spanish wines and lots of other delicious treats for your tummy.

photo: https://patanegra.hu/en

USA: TGI Fridays

Here: Oktogon 3, 1067 and Váci út 1, 1062

Thankfully there is a place where there is always Friday. Yes, you guessed right, it’s the TGI Fridays restaurant chain. Their first restaurant in Hungary was opened in 1999, being the first truly American restaurant you could find in Budapest. After a couple changes and renovations, TGI Fridays is still the favourite spot of the lovers of American dishes, where you can indulge in steaks, grilled ribs, hamburgers or Jack Daniel’s creations. You won’t complain for leaving the restaurant with an empty stomach as the portions are huge, the spicing is spot on and the flavours will make you order again until you’re full. There are two TGI Fridays restaurants in Budapest, both in very frequented areas: at Oktogon and in the WestEnd shopping mall.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/TGIFridaysBudapest

Hungary: Tulipán Bistro

Here: Nádor u. 29, 1051

This splendid restaurant that Tulipán Bistro is, awaits you near the Parliament since 1964. It was of key importance to have a cosy, friendly atmosphere in the restaurant, which is still prevailing, after 50 years. Here you can try the best Hungarian dishes, with you-cannot-miss-it-always-on-the-menu meals and daily offers.

Their speciality is the red wine infused wild beef stew,

served with juniper berry, plum, and homemade Galuska. They have a huge variety of drinks, so good luck at picking your choice out of the best Hungarian wines.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/TGIFridaysBudapest

featured image: https://patanegra.hu/en

Source: funzine.hu

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