June 15th is a very important day to mark on your calendar; it’s World Tapas Day!

A day dedicated to celebrating this very special type of ‘mini-cuisine’ traditional from Spain, tapas aren’t only about the delicious food, but about ‘tasting the moment’ while sharing it with your favorite people.

World Tapas Day is celebrated in cities around the world, with a complete and uniform itinerary: tastings, cooking demonstrations, activities in local markets and more… A delicious plan!

This year for the first time, the World Tapas Day event series will be held in Hungary through the united effort of the Spanish tapas bars in Budapest. Between June 1st and 15th, all 7 of the participating restaurants will greet guests with welcome bites of tapas. The aim of the collaboration of seven Spanish restaurants in Budapest, initiated by the Hungarian Embassy of the Spanish Embassy of Spain and the Spanish Tourist Office (Turespaña), is to increase the awareness of Spain and to increase the popularity of Spanish gastronomy. The participating tapas world-day restaurants: El Asador de Pata Negra, Bontxo Basque Bistro, La Nube, Padrón, Pata Negra Buda és Pest, Vicky Barcelona.

Today is the last day, let’s eat tapas in Budapest! More details HERE.

Source: spain.info

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