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Joe Biden has officially ended up in a conflict with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time as President of the United States. This took place in the framework of a virtual security conference. The most memorable moment at the conference was when Biden referred to what Merkel thought was mismanagement of certain European Union problems.

“Joe Biden, the president of the United States, explained for the first time as President at the online security conference in Munich that he wants to revitalize the alliance of law-abiding democracies against the global rise of authoritarian political forces. He did not mention the two EU Member States, which are becoming increasingly illiberal, Poland and Hungary, because he is a polite man. If he had done so, he would have had to raise the question of the responsibility of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the fact that the leadership of these two countries has turned their backs on the rule of law and democracy,” said Philip Stephens, a publicist for the Financial Times (FT).

According to Biden, the European Union has reached a turning point. What matters is what they are doing against increasingly violent China and Russia, which are constantly seeking to increase their power. Biden did not mention names, but it was clear that he was thinking of Hungary as well, writes

Biden also hinted that it would be better if promises were replaced by actions.

Under Trump’s presidency, it was perhaps understandable that the Union was less able to take action against countries deviating from democracy and the principles of liberty. However, now not only Trump but also the Republican Party lost its power in the US, so the EU also has better opportunities to act against illiberal regimes. Biden feels that Merkel has repeatedly placed Germany’s economic interests above the basic values of the Western world.

Merkel mostly agreed with Biden’s position but noted that there could be big differences between the US and EU perspectives. According to the FT publicist, Merkel was referring to the fact that EU countries are much more dependent on the Russian and Chinese economies. For example, long-term cooperation between the Russian and German gas pipelines is especially important to the Germans.

The reason may be similar for Poland and Hungary. In 2020, these two countries threatened to veto the EU budget plan. Merkel reached a last-minute compromise with them. This will allow the Hungarian and Polish governments to continue the measures that are often characteristic of an illiberal democracy.

One such action was that the Hungarian Prime Minister destroyed the last liberal Hungarian radio station.

However, the Germans have serious interests tied to Hungary, mainly because of car manufacturing, which they do not want to lose. Thus, political interests often fade against the interests of the economy. Biden is likely to experience this during his presidency, and the West will continue to work with China and Russia, just as liberal and illiberal democracy will find a common voice for the economy to function successfully.


  1. Biden has absolutely no right to interfere or criticize Hungary. He does not even have the right to criticize Germany of the EU. No one elected Biden to be the bully of the world. Biden tolerates and deals with the dictator in China who overturned democracy in Hong Kong, Urging South Korea to release Iran 6 billion dollars so Iran can support terrorist. The terrorist will kill Americans. This will allow Biden to start a war. Biden also killed jobs in the energy industry so the US would be forced to buy foreign energy thereby increasing the cost of living of the ordinary people. Up until now, his son Hunter is still doing business with the Chinese. Biden is the worse president in the last 120 years. Do not let this bully ruin Europe. Hungary should break diplomatic relations with the US while Biden is in office.

  2. Angela Merkel talks about the characteristic of an illiberal democracy in countries of Hungary and Poland, but Angela Merkel has to look herself in the mirror, she and Macron from France are putting pressure on the smaller EU countries to follow up their political ideas, that’s also a form of illiberal democracy. EU is a dominant institution in where Germany and France are the most dominant countries, where nothing revolves around cooperation, but everything revolves around power.

  3. Hungary needs to be extremely careful of America.
    If the situation in the European Union worsens, bought on by the position Hungary has adapted, contributing to the fragmentation division and separation of core values of the EU, this is not in line with Foreign Policies nor the way forward President Biden wants for the future of the European Union.
    How could America “scold and damage” – Hungary ?
    America – do not dismiss that they could consider banning all motor vehicles produced and manufactured in Hungary, for export to the United States of America.
    It could theoretically happen – as a sign to Hungary that the position they appear to have adapted with Poland needs Correcting, back into the European Union way of thinking, it’s laws and procedures built on common ideas and philosophies for the member countries.
    Biden is not Trump and he is BIG on togetherness driven by Democratic principles that is the reversed way of thinking, when comparing it against the “infamous” Donald J. Trump, who was the major contributor, to the wanting of the collapse of the European Union.
    Challenging Diplomatic times and other we live and it will be of fascinating interest, the on-going unfolding of the new face of Europe bought on by this novel coronavirus and who end the real winners and who become the big losers,
    That will factually HAPPEN.

  4. Yeah, Biden has always been a wannabe politician, can’t show anything for his 47 years in office. An Obama kiss ass and extreme left puppet. Wake up people, the US has always looked after it’s own interests, even if it means destabilizing the rest of the world, no matter how good, bad, successful or damaging it may be to others. Trump and Orban know and saw this and left things matters alone in that they shared a few certain values and could build on them.
    Germany and France may have wealth and a boomed economy today, but that WILL change tomorrow and they will pay dearly. It’s better for them to be in good with the rest of Europe as then they too will have a few certain values they can all build on. Being part of the EU club never meant to give up top control to another organization or in that case i would have picked the US for example. Imagine a little country or countries in europe declared the 53, 54th and 55th states of the US? Nah, won’t happen.
    But what may happen is, currency and labour markets equate and the sciences needed to sustain life and rid disease is shared and put to practical use all over the world, and wannabe politicians must pass the equivalent of an MCAT and related tests before being allowed to be a practicing politician, hmmm? Imagine that, Politicians put to the same level of scrutiny as a doctor of medicine….

  5. I am a Hungarian-American. Biden is ruining the United States, with Obama calling the shots to reclaim his earlier legacy. That is why Obama stayed behind in Washington DC instead of retiring like other presidents. He stayed there to enact the coup of 2020 that installed Biden and Obama’s proxy, Susan Rice, into the Oval Office. These two have been interfering with every nation;s affairs, and so far every step they have taken is not for AMERICA FIRST – the duty of any president – but to make AMERICA LAST. These are malevolent, deceptive, arrogant, unselfknopwing creatures – both of them!

    That the current government of Hungary insists HUNGARY FIRST! is kudos to them!
    That, is the job of the Hungarian leader – and any leader who says Europe first, Palestinians first, Germany or France first, is not a leader, but an enemy of the Hungarian nation, the same way Biden & Co are not patriots, but enemies of the American nation who were bought by interests !

    Donald Trump could not be bought. He even gave his salary to charity and his considerable wealth was sacrificed for his helping most Americans. And yes, the election was rigged by big media, social media, and the tech businesses – and it was stolen.

    I don’t vote in Hungary, or haven’t yet, but all I can see with my own eyes are the improvements from year to year, to the nation, its infrastructure, its security and its future. The cities and roads are being rebuilt by the current government, business is investing more than ever before, more foreigners are coming in, the people are better off, even with poverty existing in some areas.

    Before Covid, there was full employment and tourism was growing by leaps and bounds.
    Change your government Hungary, and you will follow the downward path that is now the United States!

    Meanwhile the United States under Biden is going to hell.
    Black Lives Matter, but the lives of the common Americans does not – and for these people – never did.

  6. Hungary is a sovereign, independent nation. President Trump wanted to “Put America First” in the US policies and diplomacy AND expected other countries to do the same with regards to their peoples. Biden wants the EU to “punish” members for not bowing to the globalists, elitists in Brussels and instead promoting the interests of their nation and citizens. The Visegrád group needs to hold firm and stand proud.

  7. Avram Noam Chomsky.
    ” The United States is a rogue state, indifferent to international law and conventions, entitled to resort to violence at will. … Take, for example, the Clinton doctrine—namely, the United States is free to resort to unilateral use of military power, even for such purposes as to ensure uninhibited access to key markets, energy supplies and strategic resources—let alone security or alleged humanitarian concerns. And adherence to this doctrine is very well confirmed and practiced, as need hardly be discussed among people willing to look at the facts of current history.” Chomsky also explained why he believes the U.S. and its closest allies, namely Saudi Arabia and Israel, are undermining prospects for peace in the Middle East. “When we say the international community opposes Iran’s policies or the international community does some other thing, that means the United States and anybody else who happens to be going along with it.”

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