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Analysts say that Biden’s presidency can be economically beneficial but politically disadvantageous for Hungary. Since PM Viktor Orbán and Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó have said many times that they are in favour of former-president Donald Trump, it will probably be hard to break the ice with the new administration. Will the new US secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, help this, as he is of Hungarian origin on his mother’s side?

According to, the protectionist economic policy and intolerance against sexual and ethnic minorities bound together Trump and Orbán, Washington and Budapest, in the last four years. However, despite the ideological agreement, Hungary did not benefit from this relationship in terms of foreign relations or finances. Therefore, Joe Biden’s presidency

could mean a turning point in the relationship between the two countries.

According to an analyst of Political Capital, we may realise the difference from the tone of the discourse between the two administrations. 

Péter Krekó said that PM Viktor Orbán is more of an artist seeking balance than a pro-East dictator. He enjoys the security provided by the European Union and NATO, but he is winking towards Russia or China as well. Therefore, he thinks criticism from Washington will be more frequent because of this policy and, thanks to that,

the Hungarian prime minister will have fewer opportunities for maneuvres.

The Hungarian government spoke out several times in favour of Donald Trump’s presidency. Furthermore, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó criticised Joe Biden during the presidential campaign several times because of his son’s suspicious business affairs in Ukraine.

Obama’s former vice president is still supporting liberal values and the export of democracy, so he mentioned Hungary in one of his rallies among the negative examples in this regard. Biden knows Hungary well since he spent his honeymoon at Lake Balaton, and he spent a lot of his time as vice president to deal with the affairs of the Central European region. Moreover, his foreign secretary will be Antony Blinken, whose father served as ambassador in Budapest and,

among his friends, there is George Soros.

Interestingly, from an economic viewpoint, Biden’s presidency can be beneficial for Hungary. That is because Trump conducted a trade war against the European Union and wanted to increase the taxes affecting the European car import significantly, which would have hurt the Hungarian industry as well.



  1. Could Biden, under his Presidency, wanting to re-establish International Relationships that where damaged and lost to America by the “infamous” Donald J. Trump offer the “olive branch” of peace to Hungary ?
    It will be “offered” to Hungary, down the track, but must remember to turn the page or read what is in fine print./
    Better a friend than an enemy and hopefully Hungary and America can move back to a closer “middle ground” position in there relationship.

  2. Hungary is not important enough for Biden to loose sleep over (Suzy Q) and Gary, most stuff the US does with EU members is done at a higher level rather than that of individual countries and their respective leaders. The US prefers to make one phone call, not 27.

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