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Barack Obama was a guest at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, talking about his book A Promised Land, released in November. Obama, who was president of the United States from 2009 to 2017, said he wanted to reveal the world of the White House with the book and also mentioned some interestings parallels in the interview.

The presenter asked Obama how he would persuade the youth to remain optimistic about the future. According to Telex, he replied that if they read the 700-page book, they will see how many structural obstacles (e.g., the Paris Climate Agreement) one has to face if he wants to make the world better. He also pointed out that that American democracy is not working as it should.

Probably if he were young now, he would be just as frustrated and dissatisfied with the system in place, he said.

Obama has launched leadership training in several parts of the world, and he was asked what a leader is. The former president mentioned the Johannesburg program, where he worked with 200 participants, who did not want to change the world alone, but by working with others, unleashing their potential.

He gave a speech there in which he contrasted the democratic, inclusive and the strongman leadership style. Talking about the latter, he added that “in some ways it was ascendant in the United States… but those are two different stories of what it means to be a leader and power.

That battle between a more democratic, inclusive vision and one that’s top-down, dominant-subordinate…that’s a contest that is taking place here in the United States and around the world.

It’s not going to be finished just because Donald Trump was defeated, because you see examples of this in the Philippines, in Hungary and a variety of countries in Africa and Asia…so that contest is going to continue.”

So Hungary is once again mentioned by an opinion-leader in quite a bad light. A few weeks ago similar comments were made by George Clooney, in addition to Hungary beaing featured on the same show for a different reason:

Source: www.telex.hu

  1. Obama is a clown appearing on a clown show. George Clooney is a brainless stooge. They hate & berate anyone who is not a communist.

  2. I wonder if Obama can find Hungary on the map, probably not. Just think, Obama was the president that put children and people into cages, that is what Obama calls inclusion. Hungary is a sovereign country and it has the right to determine its own faith and who lives within its territories. Obama would do better if he concentrated of the many thousands of homeless people on the streets of Democrat run cities and states. Obama’s administration was a failure, he has no right to criticize the successful government of FIDESZ.

  3. Obama should keep his mouth shut. Furthermore, the United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.
    Trevor Noah is a jackass.

  4. Orbán’s Hungary is an embarassment, for all Europeans. The sooner it gets out of the EU the better.

  5. Orban and his henchmen are an embarrassment to Hungary, as are his followers. People around the world are beginning to think Hungary is becoming a Russian/Chinese satellite, and a mafioso state. It bothers me to hear Hungary is chosen to represent this type of backwards thinking, nineteenth century nation. But, when you vote a leader in that wants to be a king, that is what you’re going to get. Just look at what happened to the USA in 2016.
    Then again, so many Hungarians accept corruption as a way of life, maybe it’s time to give into this and let the country rot away. It’s not about capitalist or communists, it’s about corruption and the snowflakes running the country that always want to appear to be picked on or threatened. The Fidesz politicians are the typical, “were are being picked on by the bullies, so let’s complain and cry” rather than try to advance the situation through diplomacy. Why doesn’t Hungary just quit the EU? Because most Hungarians want to remain and reap the benefits. Most Hungarians realize it is a good thing to remain. The question is, why do Hungarians put up with Fidesz?

  6. Obama is responsible for the race problem and war on the police. He actually had the. Soros funded communist BLM at whitehouse.

  7. Neither Obama nor Clooney whose pro-Soros NGO wife Amal have ever spent a day in Hungary. None of these people are worthy of commenting on issues about which they are both ignorant and malevolent.

    Not from an underachiever, a man who stayed behind in Washington DC to sabotage his high achieving successor. REF: https://is.gd/TSIngf and then attempted an undemocratic coup, REF: https://is.gd/gnN75Y \

    Barack Obama is poison on the body politic.

    I live part of the year in the very best and arguably the most beautiful place in the United States among the 1%, Soros lives nearby, and part of the year in the Fifth Dist. in Budapest, a city both my wife and I are in love with – as well as we love the Hungarian people, the nation’s culture and history.

    The SOROS-owned western media is nothing but a propaganda ministry meant to benefit Soros and the elites on his page. These people, Bloomberg and Steyer and BIG TECH among them, are destroying the American middle class, REF: https://www.mrc.org/node/6728 The Soros-Clinton-Obama-Biden-EU cabal are complicit in this game of removing the freedoms of the global community and the wealth of the western middle classes – to financially benefit themselves and the markets in the Third World.

    These tyrants despise any nation they cannot control and any people they cannot propagandize:
    These nations include the United States, Hungary, Poland, and Israel. Now they have control of the United States, and that is precisely why Obama was the only president who stayed behind to fist sabotage, character assassinate, and ruin the prospects of the next president. And he succeeded. However, factually and as a matter of historical record, the current president was a resounding success, history will see him as such – and it is so not is spite of Obama, but BECAUSE of Obama. REF: https://magapill.com/

    And the current Prime Minister of Hungary is a resounding success because he’s been rebuilding the Hungarian nation, raising its economy and prospects to levels unimaginable a few years ago, and because recently he successfully defeated George Soros’ despicable anti-sovereignty agenda at the European Parliament – one of which was to damage Hungary and its wonderful people. REF: https://is.gd/UVCyOz


    I can be found at: https://canadafreepress.com/members/1/AndrewG.Benjamin/934

  8. Hungary does not need the EU. Over the past few years, the country made trade agreements with several countries and these countries can replace the EU as a trading partner. Furthermore, people who slur Mr. Orban do it out of jealousy. No sane person would accept leaders of their country’s who do not put the interest of its people ahead of foreigners. Just remember, law and order reigns supreme in Hungary while other countries suffer terrorism and rise in crime.

  9. Mr. Obama have no idea about the situation in Hungary. Reports, statements on his desk does not mirroring the reality and way of thinking of hungarians. Closer look is a better way to get to know the “unknow”. Please, respect other cultures and their way of thinking.

  10. I wish Orban could be president here in the USA. I like his style and vision. Face it, any country that has condemned Soros is a great place. Unfortunately the USA, my country won’t condemn Soros because he has bought the media and democrat party.

  11. Trevor Noah is not from America, he is from Africa. Obama needs to go away. He did so much damage to America. Don’t let either one of them influence Hungary. Clooney and his muslim wife should shut their mouths.

  12. Obama,with Hillary Clinton in tow,certainly delivered “A Promised Land”,to Libya!
    We don’t need to read his 700page hypocritical diatribe.

  13. Funny man, this Obama. He had Chancellor Merkel’s phone tapped secretly and he also knew, and did nothing about, that millions of Americans were secretly – and unconstitutionally – tapped by the NSA without being suspected of having committed any crimes until a whistleblower finally made a move. He also bailed out big banks with tax-payers’ money, yet did not object of their CEO’s getting millions of dollar in bonuses in the same year they mismanaged the bank’s (people’s) money, much of which disappeared without a trace. Other than lots of vacations for dozens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars, what did he accomplish? How could he say anything about good governing or democracy with such “credentials”? Who would believe him what he says about other countries’ leaders? He never had to face the same level of difficulties the Orban government and the people of Hungary have had to face. I never visited the Philippines and cannot comment on that, but I would not be surprised if he was wrong about them, too.

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