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Daily News Hungary

Opposition parties excluding Jobbik could win 40-50 mandates by mutually withdrawing their candidates to each other’s benefit which could result in pushing ruling Fidesz to minority government, opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsány said on Tuesday.

Some form of agreement can be expected “on the side of the democratic opposition” including Momentum about coordinating individual candidates, Gyurcsány told an event organised by Republikon Institute. Each party will need to run in at least 27 locations where the opposition has no chance of winning, he said.

Fidesz getting pushed into minority government could result in a new election and this will stop the myth of invincibility surrounding Fidesz, he added.

Gyurcsány said he expected DK, the Socialists and LMP to enter parliament “on the democratic opposition side”.

Source: MTI

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