The kind of strong man-type leadership that Trump has represented will not disappear from the world with the departure of the 45th president of the United States of America, said Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama. Then he explained who he was thinking about.

The former U.S. President spoke to Trevor Noah in a special issue of the Daily Show. Obama’s recently published book called A Promised Land, was the primary topic of the interview. At the beginning of the conversation, Noah asks the former president who he is still in touch with. For example, if Obama does still send memes to Angela Merkel. Noah asks about how Obama maintains his optimism in the conditions that prevail in the world today. Obama first praises Merkel’s leadership and describes it as one of the leadership types in democracies.

“These are the good people who fight for good ends and come to power.”

At this point, he reiterated what he said in a speech in South Afric, that there is this type of leadership that governs on a democratic basis, involving people in decision-making and there is a type of strong-person leadership, writes hvg.hu.

The latter is characterised by a top-down, hierarchical system, with an attitude of treating its citizens as subordinates, leading the country to which it has been elected.

“This is happening in the United States as well, and it will not end just because Donald Trump lost the presidential election. We see examples of this in the Philippines, Hungary and some other African and Asian countries,”

said Barack Obama. According to him, these are two completely different interpretations of what it means to be a leader. The President even talks about the fact that America does not necessarily have to play the role of a world police force, because many other countries now share its values and principles, so it does not necessarily have to fear that other countries may stand on their own two feet in the emerging multipolar world order as well.

During the Biden presidency, it will probably not be easy for Hungarian diplomacy after the inauguration of Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken, who has a Hungarian heritage. Victoria Nuland, who was previously a sharp critic of the Hungarian government during the Obama administration, will also return to foreign affairs.

Source: hvg.hu

  1. Words are cheap. Deeds achieve results. Mr. Obama, now talks, but his administration failed the American people. The leftist socialist democrats promise change for the better and after election, they went back on their words and ignore sectors like Black People or Latinos. Not only did the Obama administration ignore the poor, but sent millions of dollars abroad, e.g. plane loads of cash to Iran to support terrorism;, signed the Paris Accord to send millions of dollars to China under the pretext that China is a developing nation: millions of dollars were given to the Palestinians through the UN thereby allowing them to attack Israel. First president to put illegal alien children into cages.

    Furthermore, the Obama Administration allowed the murder of embassy staff in Benghazi, allowed North Korea to jail American citizens and left them there to die. Visited Cuba, a bloody communist dictatorship and wanted to have friendly relations, while debasing Hungary’s democratically elected government. The Obama regime lost control of the border and allowed MS13 gang members to enter and murder US citizens. The jobs the Obama Administration could not export, to increase the profits of globalists, it allowed millions of illegal aliens in the country to supply cheap labor at the same time making the hard working Americans pay for the bill. The end word on the Obama Administration that it was a TOTAL FAILURE. Is Obama blackmailed by Soros to spout such stupid statements?

    Mr. Trump’s, Mr. Orban’s administration is called populist. Both these leaders put the welfare of their people first. Under these leaders, the unemployment rate reached new lows. Both of these administrations raised the standard of living of their people. Mr. Trump, repatriated jobs that were transferred to China under the Obamas. Foreign jailed Americans were repatriated by Mr. Trump. Law, order and common sense were and are the rule of the day.

    Hungary’s great sin is that it will not allow globalists to rule the country, e.g. Big Tech in the US eliminating free speech. Hungary also did not allow uneducated illegal aliens to settle on its territory (after 5 years more than 50% of supposed refugees are still unemployed in western EU) Mr. Orban’s policy is that territory of Hungary is for Hungarians. The wealth created by the hardworking Hungarians should stay in the country and used for the benefit of its people not to increase the wealth of Soros, nor his puppet Obama.

    Hungary has existed for over 1100 years, no upstart with limited brain power like Obama, has any right to criticize and interfere in Hungarian politics. Hungary finally finished with communist dictatorship in 1989. It will not consider the words of a supposed leader, who colludes with communist dictators like Castro, to have a voice. Hungary should withdraw its ambassador from the US until there is a less repressive government than the Biden Administration.

  2. Funny man, this Obama. He had Chancellor Merkel’s phone tapped secretly, now he tries to buddy up with her. He also knew that millions of Americans were secretly – and unconstitutionally – tapped by the NSA without being suspected of having committed any crimes. He let it happen until a whistleblower made a move. He also bailed out big banks with tax-payers’ money, yet did not object of their CEO’s getting millions of dollar in bonuses in the same year they mismanaged the bank’s money. Other than lots of vacations for dozens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars, what did he accomplish? How could he say anything about democracy with such “credentials”? Who would believe him what he says about other countries’ leaders?

  3. With all respect, Obama has it exactly backwards! It is the political left who wield power from the top down and eliminate personal liberties. And America has been a leader of the world during the last four years. We have enjoyed more security at home and abroad since Obama left the White House, without getting dragged into another war!

  4. When Obama was elected, the whole world was watching holding their breaths, starry-eyed thinking
    MESSIAH has arrived.
    With our hearts, minds, hoping…for THE MIRACLE.
    Look what happened?
    We got a wishy-washy person who in the end tries to sell his book by criticising Hungary’s leadership.
    Sad state of affairs……………

    Orban is a charismatic, farsighted leader who wants the very best for his people.
    He has his think-tank around him for advice.
    Somehow politics and common decency are very rarely in the mix.

    There is a saying in the english-speaking world, it is called: THE TALL POPPY SYNDROME.

    We Hungarians have prevailed throughout history against unbelievable odds and if you want to see and hear beauty, stop… and see this magnificent vista, talk to the hardworking person in the fields who has the soul of a poet.

  5. Because of Orbán the reputation of Hungary abroad has dropped to below zero. I could make a list of countries whose people I have heard making ironic comments, when not openly despising, about Hungary and its despot who spends his days insulting ” Brussels” and his nights of EU meetings stretching his begging hands towards he same ” Brussels”. From Orbánistan to Putinorszag, from Bloodsuckary to Beggary etc.. unkind comments about present Hungary have become the rule outside of the country.
    It is really sad to see the damage one politician can make to a whole community. Hungarians shoild really think before casting their vote in the next elections. Do you want to remain part of the civilised world or do you preder to become the pariah of Europe?

  6. I see the loony brigade are out in force today. By the way, since you lot are so hot on Christianity and religious mumbo jumbo the bible says
    ‘You shall have no other gods before me.’ This is expressed in the Bible in Exodus 20:3, Matthew 4:10, Luke 4:8’ and that includes your revered Orbán, a false idol if there ever was one.

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