BKV is selling classic trams on Vatera.hu, reports ittlakunk.hu. 444.hu has collected some of the funniest reactions of Vatera users’ to the news.

Budapest’s public transport service, BKV (or BKK) is selling five 1424 numbered GANZ articulated trams. These Ganzes are of a classic model, they played a defining role in Budapest’s image in the last decades and now they can be bought for 3800 euros on Vatera.

However, there is a catch: the trams can only be used for personal purposes and cannot be put back on the tracks, the overhead wires and the stops cannot be used, either.

Of course, most of the people took this very lightly and made jokes about the matter. In the following, you will find some of the wittiest ones.

The first question comes from rogerw_a and sounds like this: “I would like to ask: if I buy a beast like this, can I get around with it in Pest? Or can I flaunt it during the night time? Is there a possibility to rent a garage at BKK? Thanks a lot!

BKVZRT answered very politely in the following way: “Dear rogerw_a, Thank you for your interest. Budapest’s tram tracks cannot be used for personal means under no circumstances. After you have won the highest bid, you will have to take the tram out of the station park within the time period stated in the contract.”

This has triggered an avalanche of sarcastic comments.

Do the tracks and the overhead wires come with them or do I have to buy them separately? Do we get personal stops? Is there a trial period? And lastly, do I have to pick it up at a pick-up point or will a courier bring it home?

The answer comes in the same well-mannered fashion as previously: “Apart from the vehicle, no other personalty are part of the auction. You will find answers for all of your questions in our Auction Rulebook.”

Another interesting question: “How many kilowatts do they eat at 100km/h? If I happen to forget to pay the electricity bill and they will cut the electricity, can I operate it from a power bank? I have some livestock (pigs, cows and such), can I transport them in the trams? Do they come with drag hooks? I would like to drag a truck trailer and plow with it. What about its sound system? Is it good? Thank you for your answer.”

With the helpful answer: “We have no such records of consumption. The trams do not operate from power banks. If you buy the vehicle, it is up to you what you transport with it, as long as it is legal (of course not on the tram lines in Budapest). The vehicles are not equipped with “drag hooks”. Only a partition of the sound and informative speakers are available for use. For further information, we advise you to check out the given vehicle in person”

Do they come with ticket inspectors? I hope so, otherwise I need to hire one” – Crafter

Still, the unknown BKV employee never got angry with the commenters, not even for a second:

“Dear Crafter, You will find the exact items up for auction in our auction call”.

The unknown employee is not shaken by questions like columbuss’s either: “Dear BKVZRT, Hi, I’m interested in buying one of your trams, but I would like to know how many seats there are, as I would like put sitting hens in it

The answers is the ever polite one: “Dear columbuss, As it is written in the product description, the trams are all in different shapes, so it would be advised for you to check them out in person”

One last question just to brighten up your day: “Dear BKVZRT, I would like to ask if I can put car tires on it so that I can take a trip to Balaton lake via the highway? Are air conditioning, mikes, loudspeakers, emergency alarms, fire-extinguisher, first aid kit all included? I humbly await your answer” – Pcdok99.

The trams are waiting for their new owners at the Kőbánya stationing site. Bidding ends on May 31, and consequently, commenting will be closed then as well.

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Source: ittlakunk.hu, 444

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