According to, it’s elegant, but the man, who looks through the capital from dizzying heights, still freezes the blood in our veins.

Breathtaking images were made of the well-dressed phantom, as he poses with an umbrella in his hand at the top of the downtown Ferris wheel – 65 meters high.

As it turned out, he is not only a fashionable adventurer who, thirsting for adrenaline makes daring stunts.

“We’re not self-appointed amateurs. Everyone is professional in his own field, so there’s long hours of working and planning before each frame. The ordinary man desires heights in spirit, striving for harmony. We would like to express it with our Balance photo series” – Peter Kallo, maker of the photos said.

The message of Balance is the same. All our lives we want to achieve a certain equilibrium, striving for harmony, searching the safe arising from it, which makes us happy. Power emanates from a balanced person, it dominates his body and spirit as well.

The newspaper Blikk also spoke with the mysterious man with umbrella, who did not want to reveal his identity.

“Once maybe I’ll happily reveal my identity. So far, however, I’d stay anonymous for the project. I don’t want it would be about me.” – he said.

The creators obtained every permission, not a single frame was made illegally.

You can see the photos on the website.

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