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A woman’s dismembered body and several body parts were found on 13 April in Lake Fertő, Austria, reports The police are currently running DNA tests. It is yet unknown whose body it is.


On 14 April, reported that a dismembered body was found on the Western bank of Lake Fertő, near the city of Rust, Austria. The dismembered body was found near the reeds by a passer-by around 11:30 a.m. on 13 April.

The woman’s legs, forearms and head were cut off. Police immediately started looking for the remaining parts of the body, and the woman’s head was eventually found in the evening. Since then, police also found a thigh, a dismembered arm without a hand, and a leg.

The police says that the body parts must have been in the river for months.


It is yet unknown whose body it is, but the Austrian police have already started running the DNA tests. However, Hungarian tabloids have been writing about the case a lot, and how it might lead back to Hungary.

Blikk speculated that the body might be VV Fanni’s, a Hungarian celebrity whose disappearance and murder has been in the centre of attention since last year. connected the case to a murder that happened in 2014 in Darnózsel, Hungary. In July 2014, a woman went missing. Her husband (they were in the middle of a divorce when the incident happened) was accused of murdering her.

The 40-year-old butcher was accused of killing his wife, putting her body in the trunk of his car, bringing it home, where he allegedly waited for his child to go to sleep, then he dismembered the woman’s body in his meat-processing plant under his house.

Then, he allegedly burnt some of her remains and hid the rest somewhere. The man denied all allegations. The woman’s body was never found.


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