Delivery of refugees has been accelerated, a growing number of train passengers were sent by the Croats from Botov to Zakany, because they expect the border will soon be closed, wrote.

About 6 thousand migrants were accepted over the weekend. The Croatian Interior Ministry informed on Twitter that another train was launched. The gate has arrived to the Gyekenyes border which will block the track. monitored the journey of the 44 Gyekenyes refugee train. Erika Ahmedi, who has a Syrian husband, is the leader of the volunteers. She said they were here since the events happened at the Keleti railway station. His husband interprets between the helpers and the migrants. According to her, about 30% of the refugees are coming from Syria.

The helpers did not have time to talk to the refugees, but they heard shocking stories. For example, a mother gave birth to her baby on her way and she took the dead child in a bag if she finishes the journey she buries him/her there.

Gabor Major, one of the volunteers brought cookies from a settlement next to Gyor. He said when there was a flood people also helped them so they had to reciprocate it.

According to Krisztina Pere – who is coordinating the work – many people from Zakany join the Red Cross and help. She said the locals were waiting for the fence but they also feared what happened if the Croats let them through the green border. The refugees keep coming, their number is not decreasing. Recently, however, there is less garbage since the police told the migrants not to throw anything away and the municipal and railway cleaning team are also working.

Balazs Loraszko interpreter said the railway traffic managers performed superhuman work. The teacher from Szekesfehervar began the work in Roszke, and he is here in his spare time every weekend and at night as well, wrote. He learned Arabic from a Syrian so if someone does not understand him, one does not come from Syria. He thinks it can be felt who came from a war zone. According to him, most of the migrants are grateful and only sometimes there is someone who is dissatisfies with the lack of space.

The journalist of saw a group of migrants coming to the border. The police directs them to the train. The policemen said each other that they saw migrants with HUF 30 thousand shoes or even with money worth HUF 24 million.

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