According to, despite the Balkan countries tightening their border controls in order to slow down the migrant influx nothing good can be expected. Experts say that these measures will pressurize the Hungarian border section even more.

Police leaders of Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria agreed last Thursday that they will register the migrants with joint forces at the Greek-Macedonian border to avoid the forced deportations.

The Serbs introduced additional restrictions on Monday: migrants may only enter Serbia with a stamped certificate with a photograph. On Tuesday, Serbia announced that they will not let the Afghan migrants in, until Austria maintains restrictions.

Balkan expert Lóránt Bali said that these restrictions use the principle of gradualism: first, they would filter economic migrants and then the Syrians as well.

However, he thinks these to be just illusive measures. Bali said that new, unsettled routs will evolve: an Albanian-Kosovar route can be created which would continue to increase the security risk in the region, reported.

According to the expert Hungary will be in a worse situation. If Slovenia, Austria or Croatia close their borders, the migration pressure will increase on Hungary significantly.

Photo: MTI

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  1. If the rest of Europe will not work together to stop these enemy combatants from entering europe, Hungarian border police should start shooting these people trying to cross the border and placing land mines would be a great deterrent also.

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