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Botka: Left wing sole force able to replace government

Botka: Left wing sole force able to replace government

The only force able to replace the Fidesz-led government in next year’s election will be the left wing, László Botka, prime minister candidate of the opposition Socialists, told national daily Magyar Nemzet on Saturday in response to a question whether Jobbik will be the main challenger.

He admitted, however, that the current aggregate number of voters supporting the “democratic opposition parties’ would be insufficient for ousting Viktor Orban’s government.

“We still have to win over hundreds of thousands of voters whom we failed to address over the past seven years,” Botka said.

“There won’t be a major reshuffle in the political arena overnight,” he added.


Botka said his dispute with ex-premier and Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany is of political and strategic rather than personal nature.

“My strategy is clear. I seek the alliance of all democrats eager to see a change in government. We need a joint party list and joint candidates in all individual constituencies,” he said.

Source: MTI

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  1. VEDO

    Your a failed communist party struggling to try to get back at the people once more, NOT EVER AGAIN! You greedy bunch have nothing better to do but argue and complain when things are going a certain popular direction led by someone else. You want to squash them. Your idiology is stupid when you try to explain it, by the way, by saying, “My strategy is clear” thinking other’s even know what the hell your talking about, is like trying to get everybody to go sky diving with you. Your mind is bent and so is your looser parties.

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