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Officers of Hungary’s anti-terrorism force TEK arrested a young Hungarian Muslim believed to have been planning terrorist attacks in Hungary, TEK chief János Hajdu told a press conference on Wednesday.

According to Hajdu, the 21-year-old suspect had been making preparations for such attacks as exploding bombs at mass events or driving into crowds.

TEK had launched an investigation into communication on internet sites linked to the Islamic State terrorist organisation, where people

“promoting jihadist propaganda”

were chatting about preparations for terrorist attacks, Hajdu said. During the conversations, the suspect agreed to prepare pipe bombs for use in mass events in Hungary and expressed his wish to commit ramming attacks, he said, adding that the young man had already bought materials for the bombs.

Hajdu said that the suspect was a “regular, average” university student in Budapest, who had converted to Islam. Answering a question, Hajdu said he could not tell if the suspect had accomplices.

Source: MTI

  1. These charges if true should result in at a minimum life in prison sentence without the possibility of ever being released from prison. If it were up to me the defendant would pay with his life if he were proven guilty of planning mass murder. Coddling these people is why terrorist continue to commit these heinous attacks.

  2. “Mario The Caveman” has – yet again – indicated that he supports ILLEGAL MUSLIM MIGRATION and – get this – TERRORISM BY MUSLIM RADICALS.

    The Hungarian individual arrested yesterday converted to Islam (he must be a total looney !) and therefore was planning terrorist attacks in Hungary.

    In case “Mario” doesn’t get it – which isn’t surprising since he has I.Q. of a squashed ant – the two go ‘hand-in-hand’.

    If European countries get rid of Muslims (especially those illegal migrants !) then terrorist attacks will virtually disappear overnight.

    However, it’s very difficult training an old dog to use a toilet instead of pissing against a tree.

    Long may Hungary ‘piss against the Brussels-led wind’ in respect of ILLEGAL MUSLIM MIGRATION !

  3. Let’s hope that Hungary continues to not allow Muslims into the country. Look at the mess Germany, France, England and Belgium have become from letting them in. They and their religion do not belong in civilized countries.

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