Only after the renovation of the Chain Bridge may the reconstructions of the Petőfi Bridge begin, reports Already in 2010 the experts claimed the necessity of a renovation in the then following two years. The steel structure of the Petőfi Bridge is corroding, recently blocks of concrete fell to the quay.

By now, the Petőfi Bridge looks amazing only from a quite big distance. At a closer look cracked bridge-railings, corroding structure and weathered painting can be seen. The protection against corrosion was designed to work for twenty years, however, the bridge is now more than thirty years old.

HírTV talked to György Farkas, university professor, who said that the problems of corrosion multiply in an accelerated speed, not linearly, therefore, they cannot be foreseen. He also mentioned how the carriageway on the Margaret Bridge caved in once.

The Margaret Bridge was renovated in 2012, out of thirty billion forints. This time even more money is needed, as not only the Petőfi Bridge craves renovation, but the Chain Bridge, too. Lord Mayor of Budapest, István Tarlós complained that these construction problems are handled by the liberal public as if they became actual only in the last five years, while the situation worsens since decades.

The renovation of the Chain Bridge will begin soon, after that the Petőfi Bridge might follow. Ernő Tóth, an engineer asked by HírTV mentions that 1977 was the last year when the bridges of Hungary were comprehensively renovated despite the fact that, the earlier a repairing is done the better and cheaper it will be.

It is said that about two percent of the values of the bridges shall be spent on them each year, which would include the examination of their states, the cleaning and other kind of necessities. Although, Hungary’s bridges are worth 2500 billion forints, so two percent would make up quite a big amount.

The experts claim that the construction of a new bridge next to Csepel Island would also be needed, if Budapest were chosen to be the place of the 2024 Olympic Games. Thus, it is absolutely possible that the capital will be given a completely new bridge before its old ones become properly renovated.

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