My Virgin Kitchen is a YouTube channel where you can watch how various national specialities are being tasted. This time, some Hungarian food got to the table.

First, he began with some Bake Rolls, then he ate some Dormi sponge cake. The next one was Tibi chocolate, but he found marzipan inside of it, and it turned ot that the uploader hates marzipan. After a short bypass with the Nogradi sticks he tried Szamos marzipan, which he did not like for the same reason.

It was quite interesting when My Virgin Kitchen presented Turo Rudi, a cottage cheese rod covered by chocolate. The uploader liked this particular one at last. He also tasted several other products, so don’t hesitate and watch the video!

Photo: Facebook page

Copy editor: bm

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  1. Just another dumb video made by someone who is too lazy to hire an interpreter or tutor to teach them the correct pronunciation for Magyar words. They all make a laughing-stock of our beautiful language on the world stage.
    Their dumb-ass attempts only showcase their lack of true interest in the culture or people of Hungary. And enough with the stupid “I’m hungry ” jokes already!

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