Orbán a Karmelita Kolostorban
Viktor Orbán on the balcony of Karmelita Monastery Photo: facebook.com/Fővárosi Blog
“It will cost a lot, but it is for everyone’s pleasure,” said László L. Simon (Hungarian MP) about the construction and the cabinet’s move to Buda Castle. Now, the time has come for everyone to be happy: there is a satisfied British billionaire politician who could enjoy the fireworks of Budapest on 20th August, from the terrace of Viktor Orbán in Buda Castle.  

The terrace of Viktor Orbán has rapidly become the most eventful party centre, with musicians and the prime minister singing folk music. There is no better place to watch the fireworks in Budapest than this small garden in front of the puritan monastery, isolated from the rest of the city with the perfect panorama to the river Danube and Pest. The garden is not that small though, but not big enough to provide space for all 10 million of us to enjoy it together. 

Understandably, the party event of Hungary’s birthday was not public on the terrace of the PM – no photos or videos were shared about it (not even on the Facebook page of Orbán) afterwards. Maybe it would have been of better quality. Maybe they should have warned the special guest of the PM, Lord Ashcroft from the UK, not to publish videos of the event and make the rest of the country envy them – we should be grateful instead that he shared the experience with us.

The video of Ashcroft on Twitter has been noticed by hvg.hu (news portal).

At the Government Info (press conference), journalists asked about the event and whether it was official or private, but Gergely Gulyás first replied he did not know because he had not been at home. Later, he concluded that the Prime Minister invites whoever he wants to his office. 

Source: 444.hu hvg.hu

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