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49 years old British woman Tryce Harry, who was the mother of two children, died from buttocks lift surgery. The surgical procedure was performed at a clinic in the Hungarian capital city. Tryce Harry’s condition became critical after the surgery because of fat embolism, which appeared in her buttocks. She died on the 19th of March. 

According to, her husband paid 5100 Euros for breast lift and tummy tuck surgery and her wife received the buttocks lift surgery as a gratis from the clinic. The fat – which was removed from other parts of her body – was used to firmer her buttocks.

The British press reported that Hungarian plastic surgeon Miklós Molnár did the surgery at the Human Reconstructive Institute in Budapest. Reportedly, Tryce Harry came out from the operating room at 5:30 pm after the three surgical procedure was performed and was monitored in every three hours. Her condition was stable at 6:00 pm but at around 6:35 pm her blood pressure dropped. Doctors needed to perform CPR on her but could not save her. Her death was confirmed at 7:35 pm.  Tryce Harry’s husband was informed about her wife’s distressing condition three hours after the surgery.

British coroner Emma Brown reported that no carelessness happened during the surgery. She emphasised that the woman died because of the risk factors of the procedure.

Her husband stated that her wife has always wanted plastic surgery and he made the decision about the operation with great concerns. Although, they were not afraid of it and were happy when they found this clinic in Budapest because they knew people who had surgery in the institution and were satisfied with the results.

After this incident, he warned everyone that no matter how expensive it is, but have plastic surgery in the United Kingdom instead of Hungary where this kind of operation is cheaper.

The family’s lawyer Isabel Bathurst stated that although the clinic has exemplary and experienced doctors and surgeons, plastic surgery is a risky undertake and no surgeon is prepared for unexpected happenings. She also hopes that after this tragic incident people will be more aware of the drawbacks of plastic surgery.

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