German manager, beat, Budapest, violence

Daily News Hungary reported before that a 57-year-old prominent German manager was brutally beaten up in one of Budapest’s nightclubs in the city centre and two of his children were pepper sprayed.

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German top manager was beaten hard in Budapest ‘party district’ reported that since the incident in District 7, a complicated and risky surgery was performed on him as he suffered several severe injuries during the fight with the Hungarian bodyguards.

Zoltán Varga, the lawyer of the manager, reported that several bones in his face broke and he suffered injuries all over his body. Examining his injuries carefully doctors decided that his best chance to recover is performing surgery on him as soon as possible.

“He was operated last week in Germany but he is still recovering from the procedure. After he gathered some strength experts would examine him whether his injuries affect his health in the future.” – said Zoltán Varga

How much time do patients wait for surgery in Hungary?

He added that his client would have had a significant business negotiation but as he is at the hospital he cannot attend. It is not just him who suffered injuries and psychological trauma but his children. Every similar case seriously ruins the reputation of the country.

Unfortunately, incidents against foreigners in Hungary happen at times. It is not unlikely that the bodyguards beat him up because he spoke in German and they heard him.

Index reported that several negative Facebook comments can be read on the place’s official site. Many foreign tourists do not recommend visiting it because:

“The staff is completely out of place and disrespectful. I think they are racists, homophobes, and bad people. […] They are arrogant and think they have the authority to use pepper spray and hit people with no reason.” – wrote one comment.

Authorities requested the videotapes of the nearby security cameras to examine the case. One thing is sure: the German visitors did not attack but the Hungarian security guards.


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