A documentary about life in Budapest that was shot over 100 years ago, precisely in 1916, has resurfaced, reports Szeretlek Magyarország.

The oldest documentary film featuring the Hungarian capital city was found a couple days ago. Szeretlek Magyarország informs that the 10 minutes long video was posted by the Hungarian Film Heritage.

There is no information regarding the creators of the short film, the only thing known for sure is that it was shot in 1916. The footage was handed over by the Austrian film archive.

In the first scenes one can get a glimpse of buildings and structures that are still standing today, with the exception of the Sió fountain in the City Park, as it was destroyed during the Second World War. The short film is with subtitles, and even though the ending is missing, it still remains interesting and educational, as it presents the details of Budapest life from a century ago.

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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