Exactly 141 days are back until the 17th FINA World Championships and the home of the swimming and the diving competitions Danube Arena has been presented. Katinka Hosszú was also present at the event with her husband and coach, Shane Tusup.

It will be a fantastic event, we are really excited about the fact how the World Championships will be hold at Budapest. We will get to compete at that kind of level at home soil. It is a fantastic venue. We look forward to compete, we look forward to get here train, and it should be good. It would be a lot more space for the clubs and for the athletes preparing and get ready for Budapest.

After the 2012 London Olympics, Shane has developed a unique training plan. With the help of this plan, Katinka and Shane are one step before the world. The American recognises that the swimmers World Cup series, the lot of competition and the traveling lifestyle is the same like what the tennis players are doing.

-Actually, it does not really work that way, we have been preparing for an event like this for about the last 20 years. It does not just happen overnight so we have been preparation for World Championships already. She is ahead of schedule. She is doing really well. She is definitely had where I had expected her to be. She is making a lot of the changes and adaptations that we need that we planned on making and She is making a lot quicker than we have hoped. So hopefully everything goes well, knock on wood, cross our fingers and nothing goes sideways. It should be a positive thing but it is sport. Everything always goes sideways, the plans never go plan A, we always go plan Z, so we will see what happens.

-The beginning of March we are going to be competing in Marseille in the Golden Tour and then we will finish the Golden Tour in Minsk. Also, competing in Nordstorm and a few other smaller meets throughout Europe and the area.

They never think in time result and that is exactly why the preparation does not become convulsive.

We have our plan, we have where we are going to want to be. There is nothing significant. I wouldn’t say we have to have the world record before that obviously, the process of moving along as we go. There are different things to accomplish each meet so it is not always about the time. The time is always important, but not everything. Were quite confident how we should treat different things and we really understand the complexity of what we are doing. We can kind of put ourselves out there and challenge her and see what happens so it would be fun to see.

She always fighting with the challenges. We are constantly trying to push the envelope and try to find new ways and more ways to improve. If you are not moving forward, you moving backwards, so we are always trying to push the envelope and move forward in a positive direction. She is running a company, pretty successful company so far. She is doing a lot of projects, she is involved a lot of different aspects in the country. She wants to be more involved. We want to be doing even more. Iron Aquatics is growing faster than I ever believed. The goals just shrink just because she won the Olympic games. They are kind of expanding and growing and developing so the challenges constantly before in that direction.


Source: fina-budapest2017.com

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