Budapest is one of the most beautiful city in Europe, and definitely the most exciting and beautiful  city in Hungary. The Budapest Metropolitan Area is home to 3.3 million people, and hundred thousands tourists come to see hungarian attractions. “Around The World 4K” made an amazing 4K video, have a sit, and enjoy it:

Source: “Around The World 4K” – youtube

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  1. I visit Hungary since 1966 and from 1977 on every year my destination was (and is) Budapest. You are right, Budapest is the most beautiful city in Europe. Every year I see more and more changes that will increase the number of tourists to this country. I make a lof of promotion to get the attention of Dutch people to spend their holidays in Hungary and the reactions after their returning to Holland: We go back again, what a beautiful country / city and how nice are the Hungarian people! Mr. Orban is a blessing for this country!

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