Turizmus Online reports that over 5000 fashion and architecture journalists picked the most elegant cities in the world. As it happens, Budapest ranked 80th out of 400.

Zalando, the online fashion company, published a research regarding the most elegant cities in the world. The criteria involved history, architecture, high-expenditure tourism, the dominance of and access to fashion.

The second-best Central European hotel is in Budapest

According to Kasia Luczak, the manager of Zalando Trendscouting,

style is different from fashion, as style is always a subject of choice.

Over 5000 fashion and architecture journalists were asked to choose the top 80 destinations out of 400 options. The top 80 were ranked from the point of view of the quality of infrastructure, how elegant the fashion companies in the given city are, and what would it take to lead an elegant lifestyle there.

Budapest also made it to the top 10 UNESCO creative cities of the world in the category of design

It comes as no surprise that the list is led by Italian cities: we will find Venice, Firenze, Milan and Rome among the top 10. Paris, the cradle of fashion – of course – came first, which is a given for the lovers of elegance. London occupies the second place, and our neighbour, Vienna, the third.

Although Budapest did not make it to the top 10, it is still among the best 80: it placed 60th.

Zalando – the top ten most elegant cities

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