The Hungarian capital has achieved a new touristic success. According to the latest British surveys, Budapest was ranked in 5th place on the list of the most popular tourist destinations.

According to Blikk, the research examined what the friendliest and most affordable European cities are from tourists’ point of view, besides attractions.

Accordingly, our capital was ranked in the prestigious 5th place, along with the extremely popular Amsterdam.

According to British tourists, Budapest is one of the cheapest cities, where a four-star hotel is available for ‘peanuts,’ and beer can be bought for a quarter of its British or German price.

For this reason, Budapest is a popular destination for British stag parties and girls’ nights out as well due to the fact that the youth can have fun from pennies.

Those who are interested in touristic sights can buy a three-day-long travel pass at a favourable price, but they were also impressed by the possibility of travelling free of charge over the age of 65. 

The Hungarian capital left behind popular cities such as Vienna, Rome, or Lisbon. Krakow finished at the top of the ranking; according to respondents, the Polish city provides the same experience as Amsterdam or Paris, but its services are available at half price.


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