In the first half of the year, more than 2.5 million visitors spent 5.8 million guest nights in Budapest. With this result, the Hungarian capital has exceeded such idealized values that could not have been imagined 5-10 years ago. According to Teodóra Bán – Director of Budapest Festival and Tourism Center – Budapest has become a real brand.

Budapest is a wonderful place; just think about its natural treasures. Moreover, there is always something happening in the Hungarian capital – visitors can choose among a wide range of programs on 365 days of the year, and can enjoy the bubbly, lively nights of the city. Its uniqueness lies in its diversity – thanks to which, everyone can find interesting and valuable programs, regardless of age group or interests.

“Budapest is a brand that has achieved world-class level for today” – commented Teodóra Bán, Director of Budapest Festival and Tourism Center. – “Regarding guest arrivals and guest nights, we managed to cross the dream value, which seemed to be a ‘mission impossible’ 5-10 years ago.“

“The good news concern everyone – it has a positive effect on citizens as tourism expenditure is invested in urban development projects of Budapest; moreover, tourism has an important role in job creation as well” – she added.

As the Hungarian news portal Lokál reports, the capital performs outstandingly this year as well; according to the data of the Central Statistical Office (KSH) – more than 2.5 million visitors spent 5.8 million guest-nights at commercial accommodations in the first half of the year, which is a record. The busiest month was July with more than one million overnight stays. “Our popularity can be explained by the fact that tourists know that – besides feeling good – they will be safe here, no matter whether they come with friends or family” – said Teodóra Bán.

According to the expert, hard work has been paid off; as a result, Budapest has been awarded by several international acknowledgements.

In 2019, Budapest has been top-ranked as:

  • Sports Capital of Europe;
  • The best European destination;
  • The most livable capital in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • The safest European capital (number of crimes has reduced by 10% since last year, and has decreased by half in the past nine years.)

The Brits love us the most! According to the data of the Central Statistical Office – in the first half of the year, the majority of tourists came from the following countries:

  1. United Kingdom – 544 447;
  2. United States – 430 691;
  3. Germany – 391 891
  4. Italy – 307 802;
  5. Russia – 228 225;
  6. Spain – 222 122;
  7. France – 215 088;
  8. Israel – 214 192;
  9. China – 185 392;
  10. Republic of Korea – 139 555.

Budapest has become popular in the overseas as well, thanks to international flights. Namely, Budapest-New York flight launched last summer; Shanghai-Budapest flights started to take off this June. As a result, visitors from the overseas can travel to Europe by landing – besides London, Paris, and other big cities – in the Hungarian capital as well, throughout the whole year.


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  1. With 0 Muslim immigration it would be a safe country to visit at least you won’t get run over at the Christmas markets in the truck or shot at a rock festival in France

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