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The Budget Your Trip travel portal has compiled a Travel Cost Index, ranking the most visited European cities by order of how much one tourist spends there a day on average. Two Hungarian cities are featured, Budapest and Sopron, although the Hungarian travelling website,, warns readers to take the ranking with a pinch of salt.

Budget Your Trip argues that the list was put together based on the experiences of “real travellers”. The cities were ranked based on how much one person spends a day on average on lodging, provisions, leisure time, bottled water, local transport, tips, and alcoholic beverages. This is how Wroclaw (Poland) made it to the top of the list as the cheapest European city, and how Reykjavik (Iceland) closes the ranking as the continent’s most expensive metropolis.

The Fire Tower in Sopron has noticed that two Hungarian cities are featured too (it is no wonder: last year, Budapest was listed as the cheapest city in Europe for a university student). However, it seems that the listing is a bit off: even though Sopron ranked as the 25th cheapest city and Budapest as the 52nd,

the latter one was found to be more expensive than Hamburg.

Another oddity that an experienced traveller might notice is that reasonably more expensive cities like Moscow and Dubrovnik proved to be much cheaper than Sopron and Budapest. Deriving from this, it seems that one of the most attractive features of Hungary, the cheapness, is wearing off.

Let us take a brief look at the list:

  1. Wroclaw (Poland) 21.17 euros
  2. Istanbul (Turkey) 38.14 euros
  3. Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 39.66 euros
  4. Kiev (Ukraine) 43.2 euros
  5. Ericeira (Portugal) 44.01 euros
  6. Sofia (Bulgaria) 44.50 euros
  7. Timişoara (Romania) 47.82 euros
  8. Český Krumlov (Czech Republic) 47.87 euros
  9. Telč (Czech Republic) 48.06 euros
  10. Varna (Bulgaria) 48.88 euros

12.Dubrovnik (Croatia) 51.81 euros

16. Moscow (Russia) 55.65 euros

25. Sopron 61.45 euros

37. Athens (Greece) 72.52 euros

45. Hamburg (Germany) 76.19 euros

52. Budapest 81.67 euros

140. Zürich (Switzerland) 148.97 euros
141. Paris (France) 164.64 euros
142. London (Great Britain) 169.65 euros
143. Reykjavik (Iceland) 212.52 euros

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