The Tuesday’s Birmingham flight was unable to land even twice, and it finally landed in Liverpool, wrote.

Passengers of Tuesday’s Birmingham flight of Wizz Air lived thorough hard minutes. The pilot of the Airbus A320 failed to land twice because of bad weather and strong wind. First the captain headed towards Manchester, then he landed at the Liverpool airport.

“The plane was constantly shaking and it was felt that it was unmanageable” – one of the passengers said. Karoly traveled with his wife and they held each other’s hand at the trial and error of the landing. The experience was so scary they gave a “last kiss” each other. “The plane machine almost brushed the ground in both cases” – Karoly recalled his memories.

According to one of’s readers, the plane headed towards Manchester and it finally landed in Liverpool, about half an hour later than planned, at 7 pm. “Everyone was scared and worried on the plane, it was also indicated by an applause which has not been usual in low-cost flights” – Karoly said.

However, the passengers’ tribulations were not yet over. First, they had to spend nearly an hour on the plane, then one of the desk said   they would be transported by bus. According to Google Maps, Birmingham airport is 166 km away from Liverpool airport which you can take 2 hours by car, wrote.

By the time the bus arrived at the Birmingham airport, buses and trains did not operate. Karoly and his wife had to take a taxi to get home to Wolverhampton, which is 43 km away from Birmingham. It costed GBP 61 (HUF 27 thousand) compared to the train ticket costs a few pounds. Finally, they arrived home around 1 am.

Windy weather often causes trouble at the Birmingham airport. It is not uncommon that pilots could land at the umpteenth experiment and sometimes they have to land elsewhere. This video shows the planes’ landings and take-offs in strong crosswinds.

According to Wizz Air, their trained pilots and cabin attendants are prepared to deal with similar situations, and although it could be an unpleasant experience, the staff perfectly controlled the situation, and the safety of the passengers, the crew or the plane was no question for a moment.

“We apologize to the passengers for the situation – although our pilots handled it perfectly – but weather is beyond our control, and the safety of our passengers and staff are the primary for us.”

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