Bodies 2.0 - The Universe Inside Us

By the end of February, a new Bodies exhibition expects its visitors on an area of 1,500 m2 in the Budapest Whale.

This year’s exhibition will be different than in previous years.

Bodies 2.0 – The Universe Inside Us can be viewed from a different approach. However, similarly to the old exhibitions, real human bodies and organs are exhibited with the purpose of helping visitors to understand their own bodies, as a result of which, more emphasis can be put on their health.

At Bodies 2.0, 200 organs and human bodies are exhibited that had been preserved by the so-called plastination process. As Hungarian news portal 24 reports, the plastination process is a relatively new preservation method by which water and lipids are detracted from the body and replaced with liquid plastic which – after its solidification – creates a permanent anatomical pattern. The process is able to keep the most fragile body tissues microscopically intact. Plastination results in authentic preparations, whose examination is an easy process. Thanks to this, numerous secrets and unknown information can be revealed concerning our body.

All this information is available by the free multi-language audio guide application or personally by the help of medical students working at the exhibition.

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The exhibition explores the structure of the body below the skin and highlights its unique complexity. Visitors can examine the human body in an impressive atmosphere, helping them to recognise their own bodies.

Bodies 2.0 introduces all the organs responsible for controlling thoughts, respiration, and movement and also shows the “motorways” of blood circulation, continuously acting as the driving force of the engine.

The exhibition also presents the history of the disciplines behind researching the human body and illustrates how the knowledge of the human body has developed since Galen’s anatomic sketches. All these can be understood through documentary film screenings, a VR-room, movies, and games.


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  1. Some have purportedly observed that these bodies were those of prisoners even political prisoners.

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