A new commerical was launched for Gucci Eyewear, which was shot by a photographer of Hungarian origin. According to hvg.hu, the main characters are played by the nephews of the photographer, who even speak Hungarian in the video and dream of imposing places like the cultic Gellért Bath.

Petra Collins is a Canadian photgrapher of Hungarian origin, who lives in New York and was asked to shoot Gucci Eyewear’s newest magical commercial spot. The 25-year-old artist’s mother is Hungarian and the mini movie was shot entirely in Budapest.

The story starts in a retro apartment, where a girl and a boy are watching a Hungarian channel (we can even hear the voice of legendary sports commentator Tamás Vitray and the cover of a Billy Idol song) and then they insert a video casette, while their grandma watching over them falls asleep. The little girl shares a secret in Hungarian that she heard that grandma has magic glasses.

They put on the glasses and find themselves in a magical world, where televison characters come alive, they ramble among vine-stocks and end up in a strange hipster party in the Gellért Bath.

“Budapest is where it was filmed and it is where I feel most at home,” Petra told Elle. “I shot my family last summer for A Magazine Curated by Alessandro Michele and was totally inspired. I was totally taken by my two cousins who were just magical in front of the camera. I really wanted to direct a film with them in it and when Alessandro asked me to shoot a film for the eyewear I thought they were the perfect subjects.”

Source: http://hvg.hu/

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