photo: Facebook/Barlangtúrák Budapest alatt/Caving under Budapest

Budapest has appeared on GEO Magazine’s European outdoor list thanks to its underground caves.

The German GEO Magazine has composed a list on the most exciting outdoor experiences including diving under buildig winter-resistent igloo, rafting in the Rhine and exploring Budapest’s cave system.

photo: Facebook/Barlangtúrák Budapest alatt/Caving under Budapest

The German Magazine also mentions, that Budapest is one of the largest bath cities of Europe. 30000 cub meter water, rich in minerals, spring from 120 springs. But thermal water has created something else, too: it poured a huge cave system into limestone. The longest cave stretches for 20 km under Budapest. Please don’t forget, visiting the cave system for those having claustrophobia is not recommended.

Here is the full list

1. With a self-constructed raft in Sweden – Mit dem selbstgebauten Floß durch Schweden
2. Seatrekking in Croatia – Mit Seatrekking eine neue Sportart ausprobieren
3. Europe’s longest Zipline in Wales – Zipline-Abenteuer Wales
4. With a snorkel between two continents – Schnorcheln zwischen zwei Kontinenten
5. Bridge walking in Denmark – Bridgewalking in Dänemark
6. Diving under the Tyrolean ice-floes – Eistauchen am Plansee
7. Rafting on the Rhine in Switzerland – Rafting auf dem Vorderrhein in der Schweiz
8. Exploring Budapest’s cave system – Durch die Höhlen von Budapest
9. Height inebriation in Spain – Der spanische Höhenrausch
10. Buildig winter-resistent igloo in the Alpes – Wintertaugliche Unterkunft selbst bauen

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