Budapest, January 10 (MTI) – Budapest is hosting an international conference on the extension of the UNESCO World Heritage site comprising the one-time Roman Empire’s border line, the Limes, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Office said.

Conservation experts by Hungary and nine other European nations are meeting here to coordinate their strategies for submitting their relevant applications to the UNESCO and finalise a joint thematic study about the defence line constructed in the 2nd century, the office said.

They are also discussing the document that defines the universal values of the nearly 6,000 kilometres long chain of fortifications stretching along 18 countries on three continents.

The conference may help the Hungarian government submit its application in January 2018 for listing as UNESCO World Heritage Site the remains of the over 400-kilometre stretch of the Limes on its territory, in partnership with the similar Austrian-South German and the Slovak applications.

The conference is held in the Hungarian National Museum behind closed doors.

Source: MTI

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