Hungary ranks 31st, Budapest ranks 17th in the world ranking of conference venues, said

Hungary took a step forward in the ranking of the world’s most popular conference venues: the recently published 2014 statistical summary of the International Conferences and Congresses Association (ICCA) Hungary is the 31st, Budapest is the 17th on the list based on the number of international events, Hungarian Tourism (MT) Ltd. told MTI on Thursday.

Hungary improved one place, while Budapest keep its 17th place achieved in 2013, outpacing such major conference venues like Stockholm (19), Tokyo (22), Dublin (24) Munich (26), Zurich (33) and Warsaw (39). Paris won the 2014 ICCA ranking, the second is Vienna and the third is Madrid.

The aim of MT. Ltd. in business tourism is to make Budapest one of the most popular conference cities of Europe by 2020. The opening of the large capacity, new convention center in Budapest, which is scheduled to 2018, could bring further positive changes in the international positions. From 2019, Budapest can become more popular and our capital can be among the 10 most popular conference cities of Europe after 2-3years – the notice said.

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  1. Hi BA,

    Thank you for sharing this informative article. To be part of the ranking of the world’s most popular conference venues is a big pride. Tourism will increase and also the popularity, from that a country’s economy will boom and benefits for it’s countrymen will improve. In other words, it plays a big help.

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