writes that Globalista Konyha has been inviting English chefs to Budapest for doing pop-up dinners, for two years now: three weeks – three English chefs. And as in the summer people are rather keen on garden parties and eating outside, the focus is on an outdoor, street food event with good atmosphere.

The pop-up street food event held in Kőleves Kert seems to be an interesting opportunity for dining in the city, where it might be a good idea to not just sit down at a table, but glance into the kitchen where the guest chef is doing his best to satisfy the hungry customers.

The idea comes from Chef Ben Spalding, who has visited the Hungarian capital several times, and, on these occasions, he also entered some kitchens, making great foods. He was here recently, as well, and, according to Index, was so amazed by the city that he said he might stay here and open a restaurant.

Well, we will find out whether the idea would come true or not in the future, until then, if someone is really craving to taste his works, they may visit one of his restaurants, during a holiday, Per Se in New York, or see him at a pop-up dinner.

For example, he had done pop-ups in Budapest just recently. He was cooking in Kőleves Kert, on July 14-15 (July 16 had to be cancelled due to the weather), and brought his creative food creations. The guests could choose from four courses, including a BBQ duck wrap, which really impressed the writer of the article, as it was soft, stuffed with cabbage, apricot and pumpkin seed, and topped with gravy and crispy onions.

But vegetarians weren’t let down either, as the wrap had another version where instead of duck, pepper was served. Further offers on the menu were beef with apricot, peanut butter, parsley cream and mashed potato; and a spicy chicken taco, which consisted of tomato, avocado, lime and a hot mayonnaise, called Holy fuck, made after Spalding’s self-created, secret recipe.

Next up, in two weeks’ time, it will be Sebastian Holmes in charge of the dinners. He has been cooking since he was 13, loves Thai foods and, last year, was chosen one of the most talented young chefs in London. He’s going to make sweet and hot BBQ chicken with Jasmine rice, and the hungry people will also have the opportunity to taste his famous aubergine salad.

Holmes will be followed by Adam Rawson who will cook for the people of Budapest as well, at the first weekend of August. He’s planning to open his own hamburger place, but in the meantime, Rawson’s said to enchant the dinner guests in the Hungarian capital with his award-winning beef hamburger – in a rather abundant portion –, something that shall not be missed, for about 1800-2300 HUF.


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