According to Mastercard’s survey, the Hungarian capital has better results on the list of most popular touristic destinations, compared to last year – reports

There are a number of huge and must-visit destinations on the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, which usually prepares rankings every year. Last year, Budapest was the 6th best city among those with a quickly growing tourist industry.

This year, the city has stepped forward 7 places on the list, making it to 32nd place.

According to the survey, about 6 million foreigners visited Budapest in 2017, spending 5 days here on average. The tourists spent almost 3 billion dollars altogether in the city, contributing to the growth.

Rooftop Leo Budapest view

The first three places are taken by Bangkok with 20 million foreign visitors, London with a bit less than 20 million tourists, and Paris, where around 17,5 million visitors set their foot.

Dubai, Singapore, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Istanbul and Seoul occupy the rankings from 4th to 10th places.

We have already written about the huge increase in the number of people choosing Budapest as their destination. Besides the natural charm and attraction of the city, the reasons for this might be the growing number of direct flights and the new communication and marketing campaigns.  We make it into more and more recommendations: this summer, CNN wrote about Budapest and its 9 hidden places that are worth visiting.

If you decide to come to the marvellous capital, we encourage you to try the urban walking tours in the city, as well as its hidden treasures, and of course the must-see area of the Hungarian Parliament.

As we have reported in the summer, Budapest is not the only place in the country that was visited by a flow of tourists. According to the chairman of the Touristic Association of Balaton (Balatoni Turizmus Szövetség), there were so many people visiting Lake Balaton in the summer that it was almost impossible to find lodgings.

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