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The Economist publishes its ranking of the most liveable cities in the world every year. The points are given based on more than 30 different aspects that contribute to the result. In the past few years, Melbourne and Vienna got first place (the latter won this year as well), but Budapest has nothing to be ashamed of, either, because it got the most points in the region. 

Among the aspects of the ranking made by The Economist, there are qualitative and quantitative factors as well, e.g., infrastructure, transport, health care, culture, environmental economy, stability, education, etc. There are four ranking categories of them: acceptable, tolerable, uncomfortable, and unacceptable – according to

Chain Bridge – Budapest

The maximum number of points that can be given is 100, and Vienna got 99.1 this year. Thus, it became the most liveable city in the world this year as well. Vienna is followed by Melbourne, Sydney, Osaka, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Tokyo, and Copenhagen. Adelaide got tenth place.

Life is the best in Canada and Australia in general, but the living standards are high in Japan as well. Among the first ten places on the list, we can see only two European cities. 

Interestingly, Denmark is the only Scandinavian country that excelled this year. In Western Europe, only Paris rose above the regional average, while London, Rome, and Athens are under it. Budapest has always performed well in international competitions.

In the Eastern European region, Budapest is in the first place, leaving Prague, Moscow, Istanbul, and Kyiv behind with more than 90 points. 

Budapest has already been among the most liveable cities of Eastern Europe on the same list before. 

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Scenery of Budapest

The USA is far behind Canada – Los Angeles and New York City got points below the regional average. Buenos Aires is the most liveable metropolis of Latin America. The most significant problems can be seen in Mexico City and Caracas. 

In the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates has the most points, but Tel-Aviv is in a decent place on the list as well. Meanwhile, the ranks of Cairo and Damascus are critical. The most liveable city in Africa is still Johannesburg. Apart from Japan, only Shanghai and Beijing offer a comfortable daily life, according to the survey. 


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