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Joe Biden’s inauguration speech holds pertinent messages that apply to Hungary, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony said on Thursday, referring to the president’s call for healing and unity.

Joint efforts to fight the pandemic, unemployment, poverty and growing inequalities — as Biden advocated — could bring closure to a “painful period” of division, Karácsony said on Facebook.

The mayor accused the Hungarian government of conflating itself with the nation and “changing Hungary unilaterally”, while hijacking all institutions of what would otherwise be shared power structures.

“We need to restore a Hungary that belongs to all of its citizens,” he said.

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Source: MTI

  1. Biden did not say in his speech that he will no longer act as Soros’ puppet and will concentrate of eliminating homelessness in California. Hungary does not need a foreign entity as a leader, Hungarians are managing very well without foreign interference. Why does large countries always think that they know best?

  2. America would be best advised to focus on it-self at this point of time in its History.
    America – why not concentrate and clean up your own back garden then start to think of ways not driven by the failed ideas and philosophies of your immediate past, that you again can globally gain respect and trusted.
    America – its a Humungous garbage dump of rubbish in there back garden to clean up and dispose of, to allow it – space clean fresh un-polluted air – and move forward, but it may just happen, and the perilous position it still as a country it represents to-day – may just be avoided.

  3. Just wondering if the REAL “E.R. Baxter” (a renowned U.S. author) has been consulted by the writer of numerous articles ‘published’ in “DAILY NEWS HUNGARY” under the name of ER BAXTER as to the (mis)use of his name.

    Legal penalties for such actions are VERY high – not only within the U.S.A. !

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