According to, the latest production of the Indian film studio Bollywood, the movie Raabta is expecting a big success with 20 million spectators. Its specialty is that it was shot in Budapest and the plot also takes place in the Hungarian Capital – reported the Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre. 

Budapest is a popular shooting scene among foreign film-makers. The versatile capital with its streets and buildings easily reviving different atmospheres and eras is regarded as an excellent and, last but not least, a cheap scene. Budapest has already played the gleaming Paris and the ruined East Berlin, but it only rarely played itself. Raabta is the latest production of the Indian film studio Bollywood, which was shot in Budapest, and its plot takes place in the Hungarian capital as well.

The backgrounds and the scenes representing the city may represent many of our significant touristic attractions. Therefore, the Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre helped choosing the scenes by means of marketing resources on the intervention of its Indian partner tourism company Robinville.

In addition, the Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre regularly confers with the representatives of Indian tourism companies about the opportunities, attractions and cultural programs of Budapest. The tourism company of the capital regards this activity as a significant task, because more and more tourists are coming from India to Budapest.

This dynamic rise will hopefully be further increased by the movie Raabta, expecting numerous spectators. Its debut in the cinemas is set on 9th June.

The movie was directed by Dinesh Vijan, starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon, who are considered to be big stars in India.

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