empty streets of budapest covid 19
Photo: Botond Nahimi on YouTube

Botond Nahimi has uploaded a video of the empty streets of Budapest as people opt to stay home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

When 444.hu asked Botond when he made the video, he answered that it was all taken on the same day, between 6 and 11 AM. His route started on Moszkva to Kossuth square, the Basilica, Deák square, Kiskörút, Keleti station, the National Musem, the Whale, Váci utca, Vörösmarty, Fashion street, Heroes’ Square and the Buda Castle.

“The funny thing is, in only one or two places did I need to wait a bit or find a sneakier angle, there really was a huge emptiness everywhere. Budapest is the city of dog-walkers, crows and pigeons,” said the video maker.

Source: 444.hu

  1. We live in such a beautiful city! This video really makes me appreciate Budapest! We must stay home so we can get rid of this virus and fall back in love with our city again…

  2. She sleeps – waits and Understands, playing her part through her Beauty, in this Challenge we ALL face.
    She will be there always for US – providing her Glorious Majestic Historical locations and stories, that WE know is the Heart & Soul of our beloved adored Budapest,Hungary.
    She has a pertinent message we MUST listen to and that is – You isolate – be Obedient – act Responsible and be UNITED in your fight of novel coronvirus.
    I wait for YOU.
    I will not change nor abandon You – My need is shared by YOU – be Patient.
    Stay Well.

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