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Hungarian roads in Budapest with potholes and bumps are the new stars in Opel Deutschland’s brand new commercial for the newest Opel prototype. Although it is positive that one of the biggest car-brands chose Hungary as a location for the commercial, this is not exactly what improves the reputation of the country.

Szeretlek Magyarország reported that the brand-new commercial was posted by Opel’s official Facebook site two weeks ago.

Here is the video and the translation of it:

“This is Budapest. Beautiful but sometimes very bumpy. This is Kristóf who likes it when the roads are flat and smooth which also means that things are going well for him. Thank you, Budapest, for reminding us how comfortable our ergonomic seats are!  Opel Grundland X. German quality for all of us.”


Several people commented under the video that if Opel is looking for bumpy roads, they did not have to travel to Budapest because Germany has a lot of them as well.

Nevertheless, there was indeed some shocking news about the Hungarian road conditions last year. Several statistics revealed that more accidents happened in 2018 than in 2017 due to the poor condition of our roads and streets.

Approximately 4,357 road accidents happened in 2018.

In April of 2018, the most dangerous roads of Budapest were revealed by transportation statistics. This data stated that the more accidents happened on the road, the more dangerous it is considered to be.

There is some positivity among negatives regarding the Hungarian roads. For example, the country’s first ever smart road started to operate in November 2018, and due to its most modern technology, it will not be slippery anymore during the winter season.

If you are interested in some amazing numbers and details about the Hungarian road system, CLICK HERE.

Featured image: Facebook

Source: www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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