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Main road 10 from Budapest to the Slovakian border is guaranteed not to be slippery anymore. Drivers on a particular part of the road can drive safely as the road will have a path with a special system which will avoid the asphalt to become frozen and slippery.

According to, Hungary’s first smart road, which was built and represented to the public last year, can operate during winter seasons too. Nowadays if we can buy and use smart fridges, socks, mobile phones, and televisions the idea of a smart road is not surprising anymore. Last year, the Ministry of Economy decided on the building of a smart highway for testing self-driving cars as well.

The operation of the slip decontaminating system, built before an underpass next to the main road is simple. This system consists of a meteorological station which predicts the current weather conditions.

If the weather conditions are determined to cause danger for drives, the machine allocates a special solution on the 200 meters long part of the road which contains calcium chloride to avoid the road to become slippery.

This process lasts for approximately 30 seconds and sometimes no longer than 3 minutes. This amount of solution equals approximately 2 grams of salt.

smart road, technology, weather

This is a method which is used in several parts of the European continent. In the near future, Hungary would like to establish this method on more roads in the countryside to avoid accidents, especially with the system which cleans and cools the road with water during the summer season.

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