Pal Cseresznyes, one of the most controversial people of Marosvasarhely’s Black March, died at the age 75. The Romanian nationalists regard him as the biggest enemy, the Hungarians think he was the unluckiest victim of the show trials in 1990, wrote.

He spent almost 6 years in prison. He was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for attempted murder, based on a controversial video.

The court of first instance did not consider the Romanian doctor’s expert report , according to which the defendant could not commit a fatal kick, while running. Despite the international pressure, the Supreme Court upheld the verdict, and Cseresznyes was only released thanks to the presidential pardon of Emil Constantinescu after 6 years of captivity, wrote.

The Hungarian victim was humiliated, tormented and tortured in the Jilava prison (next to Bucharest) because of his origin. According to him, the prison guards pushed him among the Romanian criminals, saying:

“Here is the murderer of the Romanians, do with him whatever you want!”

He said he was the number one enemy of the Romanian state during the 6 years, told. Cseresznyes also published a book about his prison experience.

“I forgive everyone, and I entrust God with justice; he should dispose over all those people who were evil to others.”

That was the motto of the second edition of his book which was presented in the Marosvasarhely Bernady house in 2008. asked him what he would do, if the March events would be repeated. He said he would participate for his nation again. He also said once that the two nation’s goal is to peacefully live, work and grow side by side.


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