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Csaba Mészáros is a really talented guy. He was the winner of the NYX Face Awards Hungary last year. The prestigious competition gathers the most talented beauty vloggers and makeup enthusiasts whose job is to create spectacular looks in different themes. The competition is held in many countries of the world, and the winners are usually invited to the NYX headquarters in the U.S. for a final celebration. 

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Photo: Instagram/csab777

Csaba became quite the Instagram sensation after the competition. He currently has more than 13,000 followers on Instagram. I was curious how he became interested (and so good) at makeup, and how he is being accepted here in Hungary as the first successful male Hungarian MUA (makeup artist).

How long have you been doing makeup and what made you interested?

I have been interested in doing hair and makeup since I was a child. I always used to escort my mother to the hairdresser and the beauty salon, and I think that’s when it all started.

How did you learn to do makeup? Do you think it is a skill that can be learnt or is it more about creativity and talent?

For me, it was all about the enthusiasm. I was only 12 years old when I already did my cousins’ nails and makeup for fun. I have always loved being creative. I definitely think that doing makeup can be learnt; it just depends on how much you would want to get into it. Nowadays, there are so many things you can learn online [tutorials], and that is exactly how I learn now. After all, I have only been doing these extreme looks for 2 years. Before, I only wore natural makeup looks. Obviously, creativity is very important too, especially if you are interested in doing more extreme makeup.

What motivated you to enter the NYX Face Awards Hungary in 2017?

I was afraid of entering the competition at first. However, my friends and family kept encouraging me to show what I can do, so I signed up. They made me realise that it is something I definitely want to try.

How did it feel to win the NYX Face Awards Hungary 2017?

It felt like nothing else before. I could not speak, I could not breath, I did not even know where I was. My hands were shaking when I was handed the award, and I was so afraid of dropping it. I felt incredibly happy and proud that I was able to do this. Honestly, I needed a week to make sense of what happened, to realise that it is real. Thanks to the competition, I was able to fly and see the world which was just pure joy.

How has your life changed since you won the competition?

It definitely changed for the better. More and more people get to know my work and what I represent. Companies have reached out to me with great opportunities to collaborate, which is an incredible feeling. This is a very uplifting feeling because it shows that people like my work and how I express myself.

How did people react online when you won?

I have received tons of messages about people congratulating me. It was so many that I did not even know how to start replying to everyone. I think I was up all night just replying to everybody on social media.

Male makeup artists have been present in the U.S. for quite a while (Jeffree Star, James Charles, just to mention a few names). Do you think that men in the makeup world is something people generally accept by now?

It should be accepted by now, I would say. Men deserve to be recognised by the cosmetics industry.

However, I am sure that there are many societies where people have a hard time accepting this. There are many people in the world who are not open-minded, or they simply disapprove of this kind of lifestyle/personality.

What is the Hungarian people’s attitude towards you, your art and what you represent?

Luckily, there are many Hungarians who like my works, my makeup. I try to focus on them, instead of the people who do not. I try not to pay attention to the negative comments.

It has happened that while I was going to work, some people looked at me funny or they started mocking me on the bus because I was wearing makeup and my hair was dyed blonde. It was nothing extreme, I might add, but people still stared at me.

A man wearing makeup is not an ordinary thing here in our country. However, in the city where I live, most of the people know who I am, and they are used to me wearing makeup. Actually, they find it strange if I don’t wear makeup. People surrounding me, my friends and family, my colleagues, my customers [he is a professional hairdresser] they all got used to it by now, and I receive a lot of compliments on my makeup.

I am sure there are still people who do not like me (or who do not care), but I cannot do anything about that. Everybody should wear what they want, wear makeup if they want or don’t, that’s fine. Everybody should be who they want to be, that is what makes us unique.

How do you deal with the “haters” and the negative comments?

I would lie if I said that negative comments don’t bother me at all because sometimes they hurt. However, I always try to focus on the positive comments and the positive people. I try not to pay attention to people who write mean things to me just because they are bored.

What advice would you give to young girls and boys who are interested in makeup but they are afraid of what others might think of them?

I would like to say that makeup is not about labelling people, women can do that… and men can do that… it is not about that.

We should dare to be who we are. I know there are many boys out there who are just like I was: afraid of posting a photo wearing makeup or put on some foundation and go out, no matter how much they want to do it. I realised that when I could not do what I wanted, what was important to me, it consumed me.

NYX Face Awards gave me a chance to be who I wanted to be. I even won the Beauty Vlogger of the Year Award simply by being me.

I would advise everyone not to be afraid and do something if you are interested in the beauty world. A lot can depend on WHEN and WHERE you decide to act. This world has many things to offer. It is not easy, but if you are persistent, your work will pay off.

Check out Csabi’s Instagram, csab777, to see the amazing looks he creates week after week. Here are my personal favourite looks he has done so far:

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