Many well-known Hungarian brands have been discussed on our site already, but the majority of them are connected to gastronomy, clothing, and wine. This time, I was brave enough to wander into the world of beauty and skin care to show that there are a few prominent Hungarian brands in this department as well.

Geek & Gorgeous

The brand was co-founded by Judit Rácz (founder of Hungary’s biggest and most popular beauty site and blog: and Péter Budaházy (who is the founder of another Hungarian beauty brand: Helia-D). The two beauty enthusiasts started working together on the joint brand in 2012.

Geek & Gorgeous is based on the clean-clinical concept, meaning that the agents found in their products have been proven to be effective by research and they do not use controversial ingredients.

Geek & Gorgeous has three basic principles:

  1. Minimal amount of additives: products are perfume-, colouring-, and alcohol-free, potential allergens are also avoided
  2. Agents in effective amounts: products contain the right amount of agents that have proven to be effective by a substantial amount of research
  3. One €/ product goes for a good cause

The brand produces quality chemical exfoliants for different types of skins. Chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells with the use of chemicals to aid in cell turnover.

Geek & Gorgeous produces exfoliants to smooth out the skin and help with wrinkles, to help with oily and problematic skin with achne and pores and to help to calm sensitive skin down.

All exfoliants help the skin to have a natural glow and help to create a more even and smoother-looking skin.

(I have oily skin, so my personal favourite is the Cheer Up exfoliator for problematic skin, it makes the skin visibly smoother and nicer.)

PomPom Prémium Natúr Kozmetikum

PomPom is a Hungarian premium all-natural cosmetic brand founded by economist Péter Erika. PomPom has a wide variety of products for different types of skins and problems. All kinds of products can be purchased from soaps, lotions, and creams to serums, masks, and oils. (My friend has dry skin, and her favourite is the face gel with rose water.)

Their products can be categorized according to skin types and also according to which age group they were created for.

PomPom makes products for babies, kids, teenagers, people over 18 and people over 30. They also have a line created for problematic skin in mind.

The brand uses skin-friendly ingredients only, and products are free from irritating ingredients, artificial fragrances, colouring, parabens, SLS and petroleum by-products.

The majority of their products are also vegan. Products are not tested on animals and ingredients come from reliable sources.

Kell a Púder!

Kell a Púder! (KAP) [I need the powder!] is a Hungarian makeup brand founded by Gabi Palánki. Products are made from natural ingredients and are free from parabens, fragrances, and petrochemicals. The brand makes everything needed for a full-face glam, as they produce foundations, blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc.

The KAP brushes are especially popular in Hungary.

The brand hosts a special Púder Péntek [Powder Friday] each week when products can be seen and tested, and Gabi gives useful tips and instructions on how the products should be used.

Púder Péntek is hosted each week in order to make sure that customers go home with a product they know and will be able to use effectively.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored. I did not receive anything for writing about the brands mentioned above. I simply thought that these brands are worth sharing with the world as I personally use and like their products.

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