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With the help of experts and travellers, Time Out magazine did a survey and chose the world’s top 50 best neighbourhoods in big cities from all across the world.

In the ranking by Time Out, the Bartók-neighborhood in Budapest is the 41st on the list. More than 27,000 people filled in the survey of Time Out magazine, which looked for places and neighbourhoods in big cities which are not visited by many tourists. It was important that the area have new and exciting places, restaurants, and other cultural buildings as well.

According to the magazine, Bartók Béla Road is excellent to eat Hungarian dishes, drink coffee, and try out many types of unique beers. The article also mentions the legendary Gellért Thermal Bath, which is excellent for both relaxing and admiring breathtaking architecture. They also mention Gellért Hotel next to the bath, which is an excellent place to stay in.

Gellért Hotel


The article emphasises that there are many options to learn something about culture, for example, in B32 Gallery. Also, there are many types of restaurants serving different kinds of food everyone enjoys: Béla, Kelet, Hadik, and Poké are all places you should not miss. For vegans, there is also a restaurant in the neighbourhood called Vegan Love.

After eating, you can enjoy delicious drinks in Keg Sörház, Palack Borbár, and Szatyor.

The neighbourhood is located in the area of Szent Gellért Square, which is on the Buda side of the capital. To reach this place, you can either take Metro Line 4 to Szent Gellért Square or trams 47 and 49 from Fővám Square.

In the area, the Bálna Budapest and the Great Market Hall are nearby, and they are also worth visiting.

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Budapest – 25th anniversary of the renovated Great Market Hall! – PHOTOS

Budapest’s magnificent palace at Fővám Square was designed by Samu Pecz, representing a unique and breathtaking style that fascinates all its visitors. The Great Market Hall has been operating for 122 years with the same purpose – to provide fresh food and beverages to citizens. This year is the 25th anniversary of this special architectural treasure which has become an important tourist attraction as well.



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