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The world’s most beautiful cities, most gorgeous buildings, most exciting civic sculptures, most unique bridges, etc. – just to mention a few categories on the list of the “beauty contest” of cities. Still, there was one category that has been missing until now – the category of “The most beautiful streets” – which has recently been created by Architectural Digest magazine. What is even more important is that one iconic street in Budapest was also ranked among the TOP 27 most beautiful avenues in the world.

The architectural magazine carried out the ranking by collecting the most iconic streets worldwide – from Buenos Aires, through Bonn, to China.

Among them, there is one whose cobbles are more than familiar to Budapest citizens – namely, Zrínyi Street at St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Through the increasing reach of social media, photos have become the mediating element of human language. Furthermore, the number of attractions is endless. Today, travelling is among the most preferred free-time activities; people are continuously looking for spectacular destinations that provide ideal scenery for taking photos. This approach was taken into consideration by Architectural Digest when they listed the TOP 27 most beautiful streets in the world.

As describes, Zrínyi Street was pedestrianised in 2007. It connects the Danube and St. Stephen’s Basilica and provides one of the most breathtaking panoramas of Budapest.

Within Europe, the list of rivals included the picturesque city of Colmar in France, Belgium’s “jewel box” Bruges, the amazing and colourful city of Burano in Italy, Calleja de las Flores (Street of Flowers) in Córdoba, Spain, or the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, with its nostalgic atmosphere and breathtaking panorama. Apart from the others, we cannot miss Champs-Élysées in Paris, Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, the impressive Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn, Mykonos in Greece, Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam, or Águeda in Portugal.


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