Hungary is widely known for its Thermal Spas. There are over a 1,000 thermal baths in the country from the glitzy and popular Gellért Bath to the rural Héviz (a massive thermal lake) or the sulphurous, salty or carbonic waters.

Life, Love and Leisure revolve around these Thermal Spas and as Europe’s Hot Spring Champion, according to The Guardian, Hungary promises to deliver. And staying true to that promise is a gem of a place called Bükfürdő.

This small resort town is located near to one of oldest cities of Hungary called Szombathely, it is close to the Austrian Border and lies by the streams Perint and Gyöngyös (literally “pearly”), where the Alpokalja (Lower Alps) mountains meet the Little Hungarian Plain.

It was discovered in 1957 when oil prospectors unleashed a 70-metre geyser of potassium- and calcium-rich waters instead. The resort is large and family-friendly with varied kinds of saunas and spa facilities, along with an abundance of medical treatments at your disposal.

There are 30 pools, plus lots of saunas (Finnish rock, herbal cabin) and slides, plus mobile homes and a campsite.

bükfördő hungary wellness
Photo: https://www.facebook.com/bukfurdo/

Despite all of that, the place is still reasonably affordable, with student, children and group discounts, with overnight tents and houses inside the spa.

Other places that make for a great and affordable spa vacation include Cieplice in Poland, Sanitorium Ozerny in Belarus, Truskavetsin Ukraine, Istarske Toplice in Croatia, and a few more in Slovakia and Serbia.

Source: theguardian.com

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