Budapest, October 5 (MTI) – It is the responsibility of political parties and governments to take seriously people’s fears connected with migration but also to refrain from inciting fear and capitalising on it to boost popularity, the vice president of the Bundestag said on Monday.

Claudia Roth said after meeting green opposition LMP co-leader Andras Schiffer that people should be aware that migrants arriving from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are fleeing because it is impossible to live there. She said she welcomed LMP’s support for a European quota for the distribution of migrants. It is important that a well-balanced solution is being implemented because the great challenges that the European community is subjected to can only be resolved through cooperation, she said.

Roth said efforts must be made to reduce the causes of mass migration, including the arms trade.

She expressed hope that Hungary would play a serious and pro-active role in the fight against climate change, which is currently overshadowed by migration despite various studies showing that global warming could cause as many as 400 million people leave their current homes.

Schiffer said Hungary should take a share in common European migrant policy. The causes of mass migration should be openly discussed, including wars for natural resources, unfair trade conditions forced upon poor countries, the brain drain from countries on the peripheries and the consequences of climate change, he said.

Photo: MTI


  1. Let Claudia help at the border processing economic migrants personally.
    What is this sharing part? Merkel asked for 800 000 so give the Germans 800 000!
    Let the Germans wallow in the mud, since they’re the ones who created this mass migration.

  2. These two Liberal Bleeding Hearts(LBH) are what are allowing things in Europe, to accelerate the migrant ‘invasion’. The people are however NOT stupid as there are many sources over the internet that ‘show’ in video and reports on just how bad things are getting in many EU countries. Putin stated at the UN, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!”, to those American NEO-Conservative bastards responsible for creating this genocide. I never thought i’d ever say this, but, “GOD SPEED TO RUSSIA’ FORCES and CHINA’S FORCES”!

    And their worried about climate change, OK, i see they have their priorities in order, NOT!

  3. @Edward,
    You missed something. These 800,000 many of which are single males(excluding ISIS plants) have BIG families waiting on the ledge of Turkey. When they get in, they’ll bring their families, which will easily become 10X that. Just a small detail the liberals failed to realize.

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