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The “pro-migration majority” in Brussels has “forced” the proposal on migrant visas through the European Parliament, Balázs Hidvéghi, the Fidesz party’s communications chief, said on Tuesday.

Their aim, the ruling party official told public media, was to “import even more migrants into Europe”.

In a vote on Tuesday, the proposal was accepted with 429 votes in favour, 194 against and 41 abstentions. The resolution concerns the creation of a visa for migrants making asylum requests at EU embassies in countries outside the bloc. The visa would allow asylum seekers to enter the EU so they can submit their requests for asylum.

Hidvéghi said the visa, which was rejected in a vote in November before being re-submitted, “brought a favourable result this time round for the pro-migration majority in the EP.”

“It seems when it comes to migration issues, Brussels will call for votes again and again until they get an outcome which suits them”. “The procedure is unacceptable and anti-democratic, as is the idea of the migrant visa itself,” he said.

The resolution calls on the European Commission to propose, before the EP elections in May, a legal way for migrants to enter the EU, Hidvéghi noted. The decision “basically opens the gates to masses of economic migrants”, he added.

Other pro-migration proposals are also on the agenda, Hidvéghi noted. One concerns distributing anonymous debit cards to migrants and another the establishment of a

“Brussels agency organising migration that would interfere with the asylum procedures of member states.”

Yet another would “redirect funds” from central European states to “pro-migration Soros organisations”, he said, referring to the billionaire George Soros. There’s also a plan to allocate 520 million euros from the 2019 budget for migrant resettlements, he said.

The “pro-migration Brussels elite” is not even trying to hide its goal of cementing current migration policy before the EP election, he said.

In Fidesz’s view, it is anti-democratic to make such decisions without canvassing people for their opinion beforehand, he said.

Any moves concerning migration should be postponed until after the EP election, he said.

Fidesz MEPs said in a statement that “today’s decision is dangerous because it strips member states of their rights [in this area], with the aim of fast-tracking migrants into the EU”.

Socialist MEP István Újhelyi said that he disagreed with the EP procedure as well as with some parts of the report, and abstained from the vote. The decision, he argued, would “increase the burden on diplomatic representations disproportionately”.

Péter Niedermüller, MEP of the leftist Democratic Coalition, said he was baffled by the government’s objection to the proposal as it aimed to stem illegal migration, and “as such is fully in line with the Hungarian government’s goals”.

Source: MTI

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  1. Open letter to Judith Szargentini
    Dear Mrs Szargentini,
    Old soldiers never die, they just fade away….
    The adjustment of your name is not a mistake, just look at the Hungarian word for szar and you will know what is meant.
    You have given the world a special service. You went to Budapest to check the books with unilateral parties to determine if there were ‘inaccuracies’. By whom or when you do not seem to be interested in and I accept that without any doubt because your intellectual abilities are minimal or completely absent. Do you know what the word democracy means? Do you know the expression transparent and even open democracy? In many cases it seems more like a dictatorship in the European Parliament, which you accuse other countries of.
    Why have you not carried out an in-depth investigation into the many billions that have recently ‘disappeared’ from the EU and why would the European Court of Auditors refused for many years to give an approval on the pieces of paper presented by you and your friends as Annual Reports?
    What will you do in May 2019 when you have finished your tiring work? Does uncle Sjors Soros (György Schwartz) have a nice job in store for you? Don’t you know him? In an interview, that he wanted to have off-line, this man admitted to Steve Kroft that he had removed (stolen) furniture and other materials in 1944 houses from drained Hungarian Jews – his fellow believers! He admitted this inhumane act, laughing, because he was only 14 years old at that time. This is the man who throws the world from one chaos into the other. But these are your friends, not mine.
    Why were you in Marrakesh? To check whether each country would sign and which country did not? Did you have to report that to your friend Soros?

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